And I’m Off…

For my first real road trip.

I have talked about the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival incessantly on my blog for months, and now the time has come. My bags are packed, I have a tote stocked with goodies and snacks of all kinds, and I am ready to set sail (we are actually taking an RV) to Tennessee.

I cannot wait to garner inspiration with every state line I cross, with every sunset- and likely sunrise- I see. I will do my best to take all of the energy and good vibes exuding from the next week to write some interesting pieces for future posts. Excited cannot describe how I feel.

Next week I can see my blog getting back on its feet after a rather difficult time motivating myself to dig deeper for post topics.

If you are going to Bonnaroo, I wish you safe travels and partying. I will talk to you all next week.

Lots of love. Xox. 

Just a few of the items I packed (A bubble wand!)

21 thoughts on “And I’m Off…

  1. We are happy to have you in the great state of Tennessee. Hopefully, your experience will be a great one. A bunch of my students hit Bonaroo each year and say that it is the best time ever. If you run into a guy named Kyle who is selling ice then tell him that his history teacher says hello.

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