Welcoming June with Open Arms

I do not want to hear the technicalities, you know, that little thing called Summer Solstice and how the official start of summer is not until the 21st.

I can careless that school is still in session for K-12 students, because I am a college student, so that ended for me early last month.

Today is June 1st, the beginning of a magnificent month. June is my favorite in so many ways (putting aside that my birthday falls on the longest day of the year) this mid-year marker is the absolute in weather, which leaves open a whole slew of possibilities. Practically anything you love to do can be done outside, sitting on a lawn chair under the glow of perfectly warm sunlight. Running errands all day does not seem like such a drag because you know that when you are all done hauling your butt around town the sun will still be up, and your friends are more likely to want to hang out still because there is a certain spirit of “can’t stop, won’t stop” that rips through our bodies that have been frozen, chilled and rained on for so many months.

In the Southern Hemisphere, June marks the beginning of winter. Lucky for us up North, it is time to party.

Here are some tidbits of June trivia I pulled together for a fun, easy-going Friday post. 

Flower: Rose and Honeysuckle

I wonder if kids still pick these and suck on them for their sweetness like I used to, probably not. sigh.

Zodiac Signs: 5/22-6/21 Gemini and 6/22-7/22 Cancer

Gems: Moonstone, Pearl and Alexandrite

Alexandrite, yes why of course I’ll have some!


Hey, health-nuts and those with a permanent sweet tooth! It is both National Candy Month and National Fresh Fruits and Veggies Month



Happy Birthday today to…

Marilyn Monroe, June 1, 1926

If you want to read a great book, grab The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe by Donald Wolfe. Reading this gave me a whole new outlook on her death. Thanks, grandma!

Brief overview by Amazon.com: ” For the first time in 80 books and acres of newsprint, the complete story of her demise is revealed. It includes the reasons why so many joined the conspiracy of silence. Marilyn’s universe is where the glitzy world of Hollywood, the sinister one of the Mafia and the secret one of Washington DC meet. Wolfe uses newly released FBI files and the information of insiders who have broken their silence to give us the resolution of one of this century’s most enduring mysteries.”


More birthday shoutouts: Morgan Freeman, 1937, Heidi Klum, 1973, Alanis Morrisette 1974


Kind of a Big Deal

June 1, 1967: UK Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is released and becomes one of the most iconic music albums of all time. The album in its release sold over 8 million copies worldwide.

Two years later John Lennon would record “Give Peace a Chance” with Yoko Ono.


Quirky fact

June 1, 1938: Baseball helmets were used for the first time

Protect your pretty little head Jeter, always.


Nerd Alert

June 1, 1938: Superman appeared in the first issue of Action Comics


Nostalgia Overload

June 1, 1954: In the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz, character Linus debuts his security blanket for the first time. (I still have one)


Oh, thank heavens!

June 1, 1961: FM radio is introduced to three states


Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy June!

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