The Curse of Writer’s Block

Severe writer’s block has gotten in the way of any type of writing I had intended on taking care of this past weekend. I was not even able to make a clever headline for this post. This cramp in the creative side of my mind has leaked into the weekdays, spreading itself out to ruin a week full of blog posts. Opinions, I always have them; rants, I am always good at bitching about something; experiences, I am lacking.

Things are slow over here. I mean, the most exciting part of the past week was that I was able to finally get a new lense for my Nikon so I can start documenting the seasons how I would like. Of course, as soon as I set outside to take part in some photography action, it is raining cats and dogs. Actually, it would be way more interesting had it rained cats and dogs, I would have something to blog about.

There is nothing upstairs that feels the urge to come out and put itself together for a good read. Sure things happen every day around us that are blog-worthy, but my writing energy has been creepily drained and I would rather not push anything out.


Luckily for my sanity and I, the next couple of weeks brings exciting adventures, and the official start to an action-packed summer. Next Thursday I am off to Philadelphia for Comic Con and the week after it is Tennessee time. I cannot wait to hit the road endlessly for camping excursions, Aruba, beach getaways with friends, lots of hiking and drinking, eating out and keeping active. This hiccup in my writing will not last long, I just will not let it!

What is the ultimate cure for writer’s block? Someone please help me.

17 thoughts on “The Curse of Writer’s Block

  1. I think you have to give yourself permission to have writer’s block…:-) Take a walk, get out of your routine, and be kind to yourself..:-)

  2. Go do something different for a while. I like to get out for a walk and focus on the world around me. Allowing myself to putter, play, do fun things rekindles my creative side and suddenly the words begin to flow again. I find this is especially true with writing regular blogs. There are weeks when I have no ideas. Yet, when I come back from a walk, something will be brewing that I can often turn into a post (and, yes, I’ve written about having nothing to write about!!) Be patient and let things unfold in their own way and time :)

  3. Writer’s Block is part of the experience and it shall pass. Just live life, relax and have some fun until inspiration, creativity, motivation strikes again:) Have a Great Day!

  4. I feel that creative blocks indicate good times for trying something new. After a while your muse will always return at full strength, (with several new insights picked up along the way).

  5. I agree with the advice given, whenever I get writer’s block I do tend to put it to one side and do something different, however I have been known to force my way through the block if I have to, and that can work sometimes, but that’s pretty much just a case of writing notes and then filling in the gaps. Good luck and, ironically, you wrote a good ‘I can’t write at the moment’ post

  6. You just did it. Write something. Anything. You always have something to say. You don’t always know what it is until you’ve said it. Keep writing! Stephen King has said he writes 1500 words every single day. Surely all of them are not brilliant, but he still writes.

  7. I get writer’s block(age) sometimes too. I try to make it a challenge by typing one random sentence, and then going from there. It works for me (though some who read my stuff might disagree). I think of it like a workshop, where the teacher might say “Here’s the first line. Finish the story.”

  8. Writing’s the cure for writer’s block. Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, if you can’t write anything sensible just write crap, it’ll seem vaguely sensible later, in my experience (especially if you’re drunk).

  9. Morning pages always push me through a block. I force myself to write 1-3 stream-of-consciousness pages as soon as I wake up (though during busy weeks you might find me scribbling madly on the subway to work). Sometimes I end up with drivel, but more often I come away with a few awesome ideas.

    In terms of writing blog content, Mr. Darren Rowse really knows what he’s doing: I sometimes read his stuff when I want to get my blog mojo back.

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