5 Things I Cannot Live Without

Putting aside the credit cards, cash, hoards of makeup and my overwhelming collection of black leggings, I constructed a list of five things I just cannot do without. Well, maybe in retrospect I would be able to do without them- given I was stranded on a deserted island, out in Siberia or in some god awful survival situation- and I had to use my able-body to live, not eyeliner.

But I live in the suburbs and I travel to and from. There is no need to track cute animals then spear them for food, or engage in Bear Grylls-style escapades to find water or build some crazy hut for protection, that… let’s be honest, no one would really be able to make anyway. I live comfortably (borderline broke) but comfortable nonetheless.


5.  My favorite album of all time.

The Beatles’ Abbey Road? The Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street? Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon? No. While those are all nice to keep in my CD case in the car (because people still listen to CDs, I think), the answer is John Mayer’s Battle Studies. If I have not blabbed about it enough in previous posts, I have to tell you that I am a John Mayer über fan. There is something about Battle Studies that hits home; his lyrics, his guitar wails and the sense of emotional depth in his voice on this album give me goosebumps every single time.

4. My favorite bottle of wine.

Remember the disclaimer from above, I am borderline broke. This means I opt for wine under $15 bucks when I decide to snuggle up and watch movies with some. I am the connoisseur of cheap wine. I prefer Little Penguin over Yellowtail and Barefoot above them both. But overall, I love Middle Sister. Maybe it is a psychological attraction… I am the middle sister! But really, Middle Sister wines are so yummy. The California-made vino is smoothe and doesn’t give me heartburn like the others. Sexy, right? My favorite is the Cabernet, which has hints of plum and smells like berries. The funky names make Middle Sister fun to bring to a friend’s house: Goodie Two Shoes, Forever Cool, Drama Queen and….

3. My journal.

Believe it or not, I have other outlets to bitch and moan, not just WordPress! I have two journals, differing in prettiness. One is for poetry and short story outlines, and the other is to rant as well as log my dreams (because I am a severely overactive dreamer). When I go anywhere for more than two nights, I normally take one with me. No matter what pops in my head, I love to have a solid place to record my thoughts.

2. My dog

There is absolutely no love like the love of an animal. My dog Emma is, wait for it, the best dog ever. A laborador, snouzer mutt, Emma is the kindest, most gentle dog I have ever met. We all think our pets are the ultimate supreme, and that is so all right! She just had her 11th birthday this past April and she still loves to take long walks with me in the woods. She greets me when I come home with the same routine and puts her head down so I kiss her on the nose. She watches movies with me and she offers unconditional love and support. Dogs rule.

1. My camera. 

I own three. Starting with my simple iPhone camera, I love it and need it everyday. I am the picture girl in my group of friends. I pride myself, strangely, on the ability to capture moments that we all may forget tomorrow, or two years from now. The cell phone camera is used on regular nights out. Secondly, I have my Samsung digital camera which fits perfectly in my back pocket. This is for nights that bring out the masses: birthdays, barbecues, or holiday parties, the digital camera is totally acceptable. Lastly, I have my brand new Nikon D50. I bought this a few months back and use it on occasion, but I am still learning about it. I plan to use it on vacations; Bonnaroo and Aruba, and most certainly at this month’s Philadelphia Comic Con.



For all intensive purposes, the runner-ups were: Red Bull Energy Drink, my Ray-Ban sunglasses and chapstick.

18 thoughts on “5 Things I Cannot Live Without

  1. These were NOT what I expected to see when scrolling down – but I love that list! I’d say 5. color 4. my mama & daddy 3. fresh air 2. my dogs (all 3), and 1. my hubby.

  2. You can’t live without your iPhone camera? What about the rest of the phone??!! I could never lol! By the way, Emma is adorable :)

  3. Great post. Chapstick would be in my top 5. If ur into dreams then u must check out this product…it enables lucid dreaming. Extremely fascinating, to say the least.

  4. I just got back from a weekend of rock climbing where I had no cell service or Internet, just camping in nature and climbing some sweet rocks. I love it when I can unplug from technology even I it it only for a couple of days

  5. I loved the idea of having a journal. I always think a lot, write and scribble a lot but never had something I could jot all my ideas down. I think I’m gonna start soon! Thanks! :D

  6. That is one cool camera! I have a Nikon point and shoot right now and I’m loving it :) I’ve been eying up their D7000 – but debating whether or not to purchase, I guess it will depend whether I go back to school full time in the fall or stay part time and work full time like I am now, but yes they make amazing cameras <3 And your pup is so cute, that's quite the cross! I hope you do a post about the Comic Con – a friend of mine just went to one in Calgary and it looked like an amazing good time :)

  7. i’m LOVING your blog.
    here is my superficial list that does not include a single necessity:)
    1. camera 2.sunscreen 3.a scarf 4. a wristful of hair elastics (i have really bad hair) 5. pillows (yup, plural)

      1. I could certainly live without a camera, and DO live without a mobile phone. I sometimes envy the people who travel and just buy postcards, missing all the hassle of photos. But there again, I do love my photos……

        Technology is nice but not essential.

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