Monthly Archive: May, 2012

How to Handle a Quarter-Life Crisis

I have had a hard time putting anything of purpose together for a week now. I took my camera out, enjoyed Memorial Day with it at Sherwood Island in Westport, did the family… Continue reading

The Curse of Writer’s Block

Severe writer’s block has gotten in the way of any type of writing I had intended on taking care of this past weekend. I was not even able to make a clever headline… Continue reading

Gearing up for Tennessee: Festival Edition

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is officially three weeks away. Oh yes, 21 days from now I will be in Manchester, Tennessee with the best people in my life, getting dirty in a… Continue reading

It’s The Little Things

This weekend I was throwing trash out of my car as it was being prepped for some body work, when I heard scratching come from the bottom of the dumpster. The sound stopped… Continue reading

A Rant on Dating: 5 Things I Am Over

I’m thrilled to be guest posting here for my girl Sarah, who is amazing. For those of you who came here expecting Sarah’s wisdom and instead are being bombarded by this rant, allow… Continue reading

5 Things I Cannot Live Without

Putting aside the credit cards, cash, hoards of makeup and my overwhelming collection of black leggings, I constructed a list of five things I just cannot do without. Well, maybe in retrospect I… Continue reading

True Life: I Successfully Completed Tough Mudder

Over a week has gone by since I was in the Pocono Mountains┬árunning almost 13 miles through rough terrain; trudging through knee-high mud, crawling under barbed wire, hyperventilating in ice cold water. I… Continue reading

Living Vicariously Through You: Sex and the Strange

I did a lot of reading yesterday. My adventure in sex blogs started as I stumbled upon a post in which a young woman explained her job working for a New York City… Continue reading

Gathering of the Vibes: Sharing Local Art

I just wanted to stop in and let you guys know that my new post is up at As I have talked about in posts before, I blog for the music festival… Continue reading

The Month of May My Way

Welcome, month of May. A chilly fall and cold winter have both passed and are packed up in the attic of our memories for now. April’s budding trees are at your mercy. Welcome,… Continue reading

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