If I Start Walking Now…

Would I get to California in time for the Walking Dead Red Carpet Premiere? If that is what it is going to take to save me a couple bucks, then I will get my best sneakers ready. Give me a date, AMC execs! My friends and I are planning a trip to Los Angeles to be super-crazed Walking Deadhead bystanders at the hit television show’s premiere in October. Of course, while we are there, we will be hitting up all the things that have enticed me to visit the City of Angels some 10 years ago.

So what exactly are those things? I know I want to be fork-deep in fine food, and equally up to my elbows in carbs and grease from the nitty-gritty low-key eateries that have made my mouth water 3,000 miles away on shows like Man vs. Food, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and No Reservations.

Walking Dead series regulars Norman Reedus (left) Steven Yeun (middle) and Executive Producer Glen Mazzara

I want to skip the long lines trying to be someone I am not at clubs that make me wait two hours to maybe get in, and opt for a show at the Roxy or Viper Room. I want to travel on the Pacific Coast Highway, get stuck in the notorious traffic, and soak in the fumes from the California-plated cars and trucks- yes, you read correct. But when I have had enough of all the bustle and noise, I want to find a beach (like that should be hard) to tan my face with real, natural sunlight, and watch people on the piers; rollerblading, skateboarding, jogging… enjoying a different life than I lead at home.

As I finalized my vacation to Aruba this past month, I told my travel agent my plans for the October California trip and she told me that it was in fact, the best month to travel to the Golden State. She said that the weather is perfect, not too hot and not too cold. I asked her what I needed to know before traveling, and she responded, “there’s a lot to know, depending on the kind of trip you want it to be. Do the research before you go.”

Amen to that. I love the idea of doing research. Not only can I learn a little or a lot about a place than I ever knew before, but I am better prepared when I touch down. So that is just what I did, and for once I could not possibly a loose itinerary of any kind. There is too much, and while we all have our ideas of what we want to do, bouncing around from San Diego, to San Francisco back to LA is unrealistic.

We [friends] decided collectively that it would be a very long weekend. Leaving on perhaps a Wednesday and back to our drab home state of Connecticut on a Monday. That would give us four full days to explore. This is not that much time to really see everything we want, so making the most of our vacation is key.

First, the reason we are there in the first place, the Walking Dead. Yes, I am totally obsessed with the show and want to sneak peaks (from a distance, probably) at the stars of the show, including writers, directors- creators.

But what is there to do after that? I am all over the place. Someone help me. Who has been to California before? I still need to figure out a number of things that even the research could not help me with:

1. Where to stay

2. Where I have to eat

3. What I have to see (museums, landmarks, guided tours). I am not at all opposed to a good guided tour.

4. Where can I visit in my time frame that is of reasonable distance. Is San Fran, San Diego, etc. out of the question?

5. What airline is best from New York to LAX? I have heard that Southwest is the worst, which is why I ask.

Who out there in cyberworld can offer some advice? How can I make my first trip to California the best trip to California. I want to keep things budget-friendly, but still be able to take in as much as I can.