One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed

Oh, the ’90s! How lovely you were. I was just a little girl during the time when New Kids on the Block, Seinfeld, Tamagotchi’s and high-top sneakers were the “ish,” but I most certainly remember it all. Born in 1987, I got to play in what I see as the best years to be a child in America (Subject to debate? Bring it on then!)

It was a time when technology was not up our asses like it is today, but when we got the opportunity to plug-in, it was Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo. Playing tag and hide n’ seek was just what you did after school, and getting dirty was okay because none of us knew or cared to dress the hippest- but when we did it was all about smiley face and peace sign tees, big scrunchies and Puma sneakers; not Abercrombie and Fitch, or whatever kids these days are wearing.

Oh, Amber, Cher and Dionne, how I miss thee!

I have been overly nostalgic lately. I have been acting like a damn child, in every good sense of the term. No kicking and screaming and certainly no bed-wetting. Sometimes, you have to let yourself retreat back; to retain memories or just to have some old-fashioned fun. See for yourself:

  • I bought a bike. Not to say bikes are limited to children whatsoever, but I have not been on one in at least 5 years. I have no plans for a bikeathon, I just want to take it on the trail near my house and sweat (which is a given).
Maybe my bike look isn’t as chic as Miss Miley Cyrus, but I’ll deal.
  • I started a puzzle. This puzzle has a whopping 1,000 pieces. Oh yeah, I have moved on up to the big leagues. I actually do puzzles quite often, and this one is so bright and fun- like childhood. Teardrop.
Trippy wizard, flying turtle puzzle, here I come!
  • I went to the playground. Granted I was trying to practice the monkey bars for Tough Mudder, I still had a blast. I took Alex and we climbed some big metal ball thing. Playgrounds are not like they used to be, though, I prefer the days when everything was made of wood and I would spend an hour picking out the splinters.
The boy and I channeling our inner 5 year-olds
  • I snuggled up with my favorite stuffed animal and watched Twilight. So maybe Twilight is not so childhood, it was that or Aladdin at my disposal and if you know me at all, you know that I have seen Aladdin far too many times. Watching a cheesey flick with popcorn reminded me that staying in on a Friday night is a-okay.
Yep, that poster is actually in my bedroom.
  • I played video games. The invention of the Nintendo Wii was the best thing to happen to me after all video game systems I owned built in 1999 or earlier totally kicked the bucket. I can log-on to Wii and buy any old-school video game I want. My choice? Super Mario 3!
I didn’t use the warp whistles, I swear!


I concluded my act-like-a-child-binge by jumping on the bed, eating an ice cream cone with sprinkles, reading Charlie Brown comic strips, jump-roping and using sidewalk chalk with my sister.

Now, back to school work, figuring out my bill situation… and yeah, all those adult things that life forced me to take part in. But I will always be a ’90s kid. Remembering and acting out the good ol’ times is sometimes necessary to balance out the chaos of the adult world. 

34 thoughts on “One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed

  1. Ah, the world would be a much better place if some adults realized when they were being childish. The world would also be better if, like you, we celebrated our Inner Child! Yay

  2. I was a kid in the 70’s, a teenager in the 1980’s and in my early twenties in the 1990’s……I look back with nostalgia at all of them. They all had so many cool things and great memories. Not sure what I will look back at the 2000’s as? Be interesting in a decade or so :-)

  3. “You know how picky I am about my shoes…and they only go on my feet!” Ohhhh clueless. And your boy is still a fox, 10 years later! (oh hey so is mine) <3

  4. Quote: “…it was a time when technology was not up our asses like it is today…” – Ms. S. Onthego

    Weeeell…technology was still up our asses, but you could normally fix it by hitting it, oiling it or wiggling the lead. Now, you have to email a Customer Ridicule Department and undergo house-arrest until FedEx take the offending item away…

  5. I don’t know about you, but Clueless definitely let me know what was hip to wear! Oh the choices I made with Clueless on my brain and my 15 year old sister’s closet at my disposal!

    I’d even sneak her too-big-for-me chunky heeled mary janes into my backpack to change into them when I was in school. I always wonder if my teachers ever worried that my mom wasn’t taking care of me based on the clothes I would show up to school in at age 9!

    1. Ahaha! I totally agree. I used to sneak stuff out of the house all the time… but I went to a Catholic school so the best I could really do was hike up my skirt 3 inches shorter and unbutton my blouse one or two. So rebellious! Ahh, memories :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Sarah: I like your view of childhood. Each generation believes his childhood was the best. I could go on about mine for hours, but I won’t because it will sound just like the words you wrote above except the names of toys, and characters will be different, a lot different. I liked my early years well enough to write a book about them, it’s called Jun-e-or, and is on Amazon Kindle. Thanks for the opportunity to advertise my work.
    A great post by the way.

  7. As a child of the 60’s/70’s…this was for me the greatest invention…PONG.

    I played it in arcades and later in pubs and never imagined where it would lead…

  8. Very interesting post… as a child of the 50’s and 60’s I found your nostalgia charming and touching… seriously! Of course, my memories of the 90’s would differ from yours, but t’was nice to hear what the younger generation thinks about their own childhood years… my only other source for such are my own kids, now 31 and 30, and they figure I was there, so it never really comes up….

    Oh, and sweetie, you make Miley look like a vagabond in the picture of you two on your respective bikes…. :-) Much more natural beauty, IMHO….

    Perhaps your recent nostalgia is in anticipation of your upcoming milestone, i.e. your first quarter-century…. May you enjoy the next one as much as you obviously have this one….

  9. Thanks for the follow, I’m pretty new at all of this still. I’ll be sure to check back here as well, you certainly seem a lot like myself so I’m sure I’ll be interested in reading!… Good luck in the tough mudder by the way, I’m not far from the Poconos and have a lot of friends participating in it… maybe by the next time it comes up I’ll be brave/fit enough to try it out!

  10. The 90’s were an absolutely magical time. Speaking of the 90’s AND birthdays, we had a 90’s themed party for my friend’s birthday last weekend complete with framed picture of Bill Clinton, backwards hats, baggy jeans, crop tops, and only 90’s tunes all night. Hmmm, maybe I will have to blog about it! Thanks for the follow, I followed back!

  11. LOL- remember “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid”.. I used to sing that song all through the ealy 90s. I was a teenager, and determined to not ever grow up! I’ve done pretty well by that resolution- but only in the best of ways!

  12. I think the best time to grow up was the 70s….everything was innocent and kids could play outside all day long w/out worrying..on tv was Batman and M*A*S*H… there was no internet and there were most importantly? ALBUMS AND RECORD PLAYERS! :D

  13. Wow you guys actually found a playground with one of those metal climbing dome things? That’s awesome! They have taken a lot of them down and replaced them with plastic play centres because kids like to crack their heads open – not that they haven’t been doing that for decades, but it seems like parents like to complain about it more hence the “safer” plastic ones. I still like to find some swings and go swinging every once in a while too ;) you can’t ever grow up all the way! As for Clueless – it must be in the air or something, I was just talking about that movie the other day too <3

  14. Oh year, good old times… Simple thing of past can bring tears today for that; it is gone and never going to comeback. Oh dear God, If one could just smell a little…. about what is gone!!

  15. How cute! I miss the 90s too. So simple yet so fun. I still go to the play ground a lot – haha can’t pass one withouth getting on the swing. That’s the only childhoodness I embrace – and skipping on the streets once in a while when I’m happy :)

  16. ohh, man, what a trip down memory lane! as a fellow 90s kid (1987, admittedly the best year for birth), you’ve made me want to go home and play Mario Kart. (though i just can’t down with Twilight) thanks for the laughs!

  17. The 90’s were great. Cartoons kicked ass – none of that poorly used CG crap or presenters that must be stoned to carry out their jobs – it was just the after effects of all that hairspray used in the 80s still in effect! Games so simple and weighed in at no more than a few MB consumed days of gaming as opposed to power-house titles like CoD etc these days that can be done in 6 hours or less but just look so much prettier than back in the day!

    I’m gutted my kids will never experience life as great as I did as a kid.

  18. New Kids on the block reminded me of other bands/music when a Sony Walkman (with tape) was still Hot..:-) I still have tapes from early ninties buried somewhere.

    I don’t know what happened to that sweet world..:-)


  19. Oh! Now I am craving a glass of Kool Aid, a slice of cold pizza and a marathon Super Mario 3 session… Mario as a squirrel (… or was it a teddy bear?) is just too cute to resist!

  20. Okay maybe I’m a bit ‘older but I was a kid in the 60’s and 70’s. So I remember when there was no Nintendo. I remember when there was no Atari and you went to the Arcade where you played Pac-Man or Galaga or gasp Pinball!

  21. Wow. Loving your blog Sarah! I can totally relate to this. I was born in 88 and I’m so glad I grew up in the 90s. Video games and children’s shows were so much better in that decade than they are now. We seem to be getting more superficial and less real as the generations go by. Thanks for following my blog too!

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