Furthur Brings the Good Vibes to Connecticut

Former members of the Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, took their highly sought-after tour to Wallingford, Connecticut this past Saturday night for a very sold out show.

Myself and friend Jonny arrived around 7 p.m. in hopes to drink a little before the show started at 8:00 p.m. No such luck. Oakdale Theatre was beyond packed, the parking situation was a joke, and after waiting in line for over 30 minutes, we were told to leave the lot and park on the street. Someone over at Oakdale should be fired for making tons of people wait that long, with no direction. 

Deadheads without tickets flooded the parking area. “Cash for extras,” is what we heard time and again. Come on people, plan ahead! It is called StubHub.com, and if you do not feel like paying the overpriced amount Dealer X is offering, you sure as hell will not get it any cheaper the night of- I know because I overheard one man tell his friend he sold his extra for $500 bucks.

We parked at some liquor store we passed 45 minutes prior and jetted to the beer stand, then our seats. Oh, our seats. They were not too great but we were dead center. It did not matter anyhow, everyone was dancing (the music had just begun) with the opener, “Greatest Story Ever Told.”

The sound was great and the lights properly complimented the feel good free-jamming of songs like “Bertha” and “Deal.” At times, you could only hear the sea of fans’ sing-a-long, which made Oakdale seem more of some homey, warm camp.

After the first set, the mad rush for the bathroom, cigarette, bar was on. I took part in all three. The weather was perfect, and the outside patio was littered with people still swaying along to the music that was on delay. I ran into some friends, took some pictures with strangers (as I always do), and headed back in for set two.

Amazing. At this point everyone was geared up and anxious for what was to come. Furthur, including John Kadlecik of Dark Star Orchestra on guitar and Jeff Chimenti of RatDog on keyboard, took the stage to open the second half of the show with Lost Sailor, delving right into favorites of yours truly like “China Cat Sunflower“, “Terrapin Station” and “Standing on the Moon.” 

Best part? The older guy next to me had made the trek from Toronto, Canada to catch a string of Furthur shows in Boston, Connecticut and ending in New York. He said he wanted to hear “Eyes of the World” tonight, and I told him that it would be next. It was next.

The night ended with “One More Saturday Night,” which I had heard the band play encore once before (on a Saturday night), and in the end, I was deaf with satisfaction. The night had ended successful in that my feet hurt and I still craved more.

Furthur, April 7, 2012

Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford CT Setlist

1st Set:
Greatest Story Ever Told
Althea >
Mama Tried
Big River
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo >
Bird Song>
2nd Set:
Lost Sailor >
Saint of Circumstance >
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider
Lady With a Fan >
Terrapin Station >
Terrapin Transit >
At a Siding >
Terrapin Flyer  >
Refrain >
Standing on the Moon >
Eyes of the World >
Sugar Magnolia
One More Saturday Night

7 thoughts on “Furthur Brings the Good Vibes to Connecticut

  1. cool read of your experience, glad you “younger” folks are into the music, but seriously, Stub Hub is organized crime – don’t encourage that! Not saying people shouldn’t plan ahead, but people looking for tickets outside a show is nothing new, get used to it. Plenty of heads get in for face, real fans don’t scalp, frequently an “honest” person does have that extra, and you are not gonna find it unless you ask! I hope the guy asking $500 for ticket ate it all and lost money. Scalpers suck!

    I appreciate the detail on your setlist, I always post all the parts of Terrapin too… even the band cops out by putting “Terrapin Suite” on the official setlist and twitter feed. It’s important to name the parts, they are each distinct!
    happycat! >^.^<m~

    1. I totally agree on the fact that Stub Hub sucks big time. I definitely don’t mean to promote it, but it has come through for me a lot when I slack off and don’t manage to get tickets when they first go on sale. I guess I’m just desperate enough for a good show to pay way over face value. I noticed that some shows (depending on the venue) are now ticketless, and when you purchase the tickets you have to go to will call to pick them up with an ID to prevent selling them on sites like that. Regardless, that was my 5th Furthur show and a damn good one it was! Thanks for checking out the post :)

  2. Hi S vagabondarah ! thanks for stopping by, I stand totally behind you in your mission I am a wandering Gypsy freespirit my self ! And i could not recommend it more highly ;-)
    Go ,see,do, live,laugh,love !! Have a wonderful summer !

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