Monthly Archive: March, 2012

Aruba: Eight Days in Paradise

Official tropical vacation of yours truly this summer: Aruba!  Hit play on the Beach Boys, Kokomo track. It is time to blog, Aruban style! I am going to do my damn hardest not… Continue reading

Gathering of the Vibes Blog is a Go!

My first blog post was published today on the official Gathering of the Vibes website.  Gathering of the Vibes is a festival held in my hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut that includes music relative… Continue reading

Time is the Same in Every Language

Time. Shíjiān. Vremya. Temps. Jikan. Samaya. Tempo. Zeit. Tiempo. Sigan. Czas. Growing up sucks. When I was in the eighth grade and first experimented with black eyeliner I thought I was the coolest… Continue reading

The Black Keys Take on Second Sold Out Show at the Garden

Last night my two friends and I took the Metro North train from Fairfield to Grand Central Terminal in New York City for an evening of great tunes and gorgeous weather. The Black… Continue reading

The Overactive Dreamer: When Sleep Gets Real

Bedtime is getting weird lately. My dreams have been too lucid. While my brain is normally overactive while I sleep, lately it has been more so than ever. I guess it is not… Continue reading

The 10 Commandments of Social Situations

Hear ye, hear ye! Fret no more about awkward social situations because sarah On The Go is here to help you (and rightfully bitch you out), for some of the biggest pet peeves… Continue reading


Originally posted on The Reinvented Lass:
A few weeks ago, I wrote a post asking how do you start to believe in yourself where there isn’t empirical evidence to validate your belief. Around…

Born and Raised: The Meaning Behind the Music

Have you ever heard a song that moves you so much you are almost brought tears? Sometimes, that song is not even a sad one, but it sends a message that relates to… Continue reading

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