Music Madness: 150 Artists For My Viewing Pleasure

I just cannot seem to shut up about the Bonnaroo Music Festival lately. I can assure you that I will calm down with the blog posts in the near future, but for now I need to share my thoughts on this year’s lineup which was announced on Tuesday afternoon! This is the moment my friends and I, as well as thousands of other prospective concert goers have waited impatiently for. Although there had been rumored lineups floating around the internet, there is now a real one; something I can base the next four months of excitement from. I have been seriously annoying; in a happy, I-don’t-mean-to-be-so-giddy-but-I-can’t-help-it kind of way. 

My love for the bands on the lineup extend to Mars and back. Unfortunately, the fake lineups had some of the most played bands on my iPod right now, and when I clicked the link to check out the bill Tuesday and did not see their names, I was hurting- and still am. I am a selfish, needy and greedy music lover. I want to see every band I have ever pulled a muscle to in that one place, far far away in the pretty little land of Tennessee. Obviously, that is not going to happen this year, but I remain grateful to the Bonnaroo gods for scoring some of my favorite artists.

Here are three bands that were cast a lie to my innocent eyes on Monday’s fake, dumb, lame, dumb, fake lineup. Who does that anyway?


2. Cage the Elephant

3. Silversun Pickups

These guys rock my world. When I saw their names in the three point font, I knew not to get my hopes up, but I prayed they would stay. When I saw Muse back in 2010 at Madison Square Garden, Silversun Pickups opened. They were a lesser known band then, and while rockin’ the MSG arena is likely hard to do, they managed. The bass is played by a cute and equally talented chick, Nikki, and vocalist Brian Aubert has such a unique voice that it inherently separates them from other alt rock bands on the scene. Pickup Swoon, or just go to Spotify (the best music application in the world), to listen to what it is that made me fall in love. Disappointed you will not be.

Even though I have only been to one Cage the Elephant show at Terminal 5 in NYC, I can attribute being front row, just ahead of the pushing madness of the pit, for the love I have for this band. Lead vocalist, Matthew Shultz is one big ball of energy. He had the crowd flailing around from beginning to end. Also, he is pretty much obsessed with crowd-surfing. I touched a foot! And as for MUTEMATH, well, they do not have a bad song. After contributing to the Twilight series’ first soundtrack with “Spotlight,” I knew they were worth another listen. Not only is that entire soundtrack really damn good (The Black Ghosts, Muse, Paramore, Collective Soul, Perry Farrell, Linkin Park) but they stood out most on the record. We bash bands who go or start mainstream, but I honestly do not care. MUTEMATH was a great find that way. Alt Nation/Sirius XM host, Madison, said it was the best live show she has ever seen in her life. So yes, that is why I am bummed! But I will get over it because…


Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phish and Radiohead, Amen! I know how RHCP plays live, it is epic. The energy of their music vibrates through you for days, and it seems every song they pump out is golden. It is hard for me to express the raging turn on I had gotten when I saw the Chili Peppers posted up on that bill. One of the first alternative rock bands I had ever listened to, they can do no wrong. Their music is legendary, with classic albums like Blood Sugar Sex Magik which was the band’s biggest break worldwide, they have produced platinum hits since. I love Flea, I love their quirkiness, the funk, Anthony Kiedis’ voice- and that he pretty much lives his entire life shirtless. I can guarantee that regardless of circumstance, I will be in the front for this one.

So this will be my third string of Phish shows, and although the fakey fakey lineup said they would play two nights, I can settle for one. I just want to be in the middle of this 700 acre farm, a thousand miles from home, listening to a band that I have recently been turned onto. Their show at Bonnaroo will, for me at least, be the ultimate organic, natural music experience; dirty, sweaty, packed in with thousands up close, body littered in glowsticks. I will call myself a new-aged Phish Phanatic. I may be late, but music knows no age or time limits. I have earned my right for that title- I get down hard, really hard!

Trey Anastasio, Phish.

And with other acts like Radiohead (headliner), The Shins, Young the Giant, The Joy Formidable, The Civil Wars and Feist, no one besides Phish and RHCP can get me pumped four months in advance like Foster the People.

Even though there has only been one album, Torches, this band has proven their talent in a number of ways, namely for being nominated for two Grammy awards, most notably for Best Alternative Album. You may know them for their poppy hit, Pumped Up Kicks, but their 2011 album is loaded with other seriously good songs, tunes that are uplifting and catchy but still maintain a strong rock feel. Don’t make me beg, please give them a listen. I am going to freak-a-leak when I get to see them this summer!


Check out the rest of the 2012 Bonnaroo lineup below.

11 thoughts on “Music Madness: 150 Artists For My Viewing Pleasure

  1. Nice! I’m putting together the ‘Roo section for my blog as we speak- You can be as annoying as you want about the fest there- I’d love to have you contribute if you’d like!

  2. The rumors of Prince as a headliner seemed to be the deal-maker to go for some of my friends. And like yourself, I was hoping to see some other names appear – SSPU would have been great. I haven’t seen them since 2006 at the Middle East Upstairs – most people seemed to only know “Well Thought Out Twinkles” since it just started getting radio play.

    If you have enough energy & money for the following weekend. Phish in AC!

  3. ” I may be late, but music knows no age or time limits. ” extremely truthful statement. Love how you refer to yourself as a “new-aged Phish Phanatic”. Thanks for the follow! Hope I can provide some entertainment.

  4. great article… thanks for following me as well…
    look forward to reading more and sharing ideas…

    -Felix the Hat
    Live Music City, high hopes!

  5. Don’t calm down with the Bonnaroo posts, there’s plenty to blog/be excited about. Just wait for the next round of artists to be announced! And thanks for following my blog. See you on the farm in June.

  6. I saw Silversun Pickups with Cage the Elephant and Manchester Orchestra a couple of years ago in Tennessee – phenomenal! I picked up their bassist’s set list after the show.

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