The Day of the Dead Makes its Triumphant Return

Tonight the Walking Dead’s second half of season two comes back with a vengeance. The show ended on the killing of a zombie Sophia, after the majority of the first half dealt around her search and safe return back to camp.

I, for one, did not expect for her to be a zombie. I know, I know, she was on her own for far too long and had no weapon or adult/human protection, but I believed in Sophia to pull through and stay smart, even though her decision to go against Rick’s advice in the river was not.

I believed because I did not want her mom to suffer anymore, after being a battered wife to that newly zombie bitten and consequently killed by surviving humans bastard.

So tonight, after two months of anticipation, the crew will be back in our living rooms, continuing the quest for a sane world and to hopefully resolve all that unfinished drama they left us with. Go ahead and blame that dumb hiatus for why you forgot some of that drama, it is a perfectly good excuse.

It is only appropriate to start with Lori’s (somewhat unsurprising) pregnancy as the main culprit to our nail-biting, hair pulling habits. I am such a flip-flopper when it comes to her decision to sleep with my man- err, Shane. I understand that she thought her husband, Rick, was dead. I am assuming life out in a zombie apocalyptic world can turn you on to just about anyone who doesn’t drag their feet, foam at the mouth, and has a human pulse. But then I start to realize that it had not even been that long after Rick’s “passing” until she was kicking boots with Officer Shane McSexy in the woods. Remember when he flipped her over on her stomach? I do.
But we are way past that now. The sex in this show keeps a refreshing balance from the ongoing and subtle power struggles between Rick and Shane. It is as if Shane never wanted Rick to return. Who knows. So what are we getting ourselves back into come tonight at 9 p.m./ET? Not only is Lori preggers, but the super cool Glenn and farm girl Maggie have been shacking up, and are likely in “love”, or at least it sure seems that way. Remember Andrea and Shane had sex in the car? Lori is going to be wicked jealous if she finds out! Now, all we really need is for a new little girl to be introduced to the crew so little Carl could join in on the action.

Aside from the much appreciated sex-related drama and good-looking characters to drool zombie-style over, it is really all about the action- duh!

This second half of the season, the crew needs to keep moving. They always linger for so long in one place trying to play Clue. Sophia is dead now, so the weeping can be done on the way out of that area. Their time on Hershel’s land is about over anyway, after Shane and Rick violated his wishes for them to stay away from the barn. Yeah, right, Hershel! I would not mind if he stayed behind, and I will assume he does, while his daughter takes off with the team, and her boy, Glenn.

I want to see more dominant leadership from Daryl. He has proven to have the knowledge and gritty survival tactics. Not only is he extremely easy on the eyes, (see Lady Gaga’s Judas music video), but he is a killer actor (see Boondock Saints). His intensity and common sense make for a refreshing change from all the tension between the balance for power between Rick and Shane. Will Daryl make it a point to find his brother, Merle, in the coming episodes? I expect him to.

One more side note on character importance and roles, can we all lighten up with Dale? He is constantly on the lookout, gun in hand, for the safety of everyone. He only ever has good intentions, and is wiser than that group thinks he is (cough cough, Shane).

I have not read the Walking Dead comics, nor do I read any comics, but I am so far beyond addicted to this show that maybe I will have to make a purchase or 20 on eBay to better educate myself on the greatness of this series. I am that serious.

So everyone, tune in tonight for the start of the second half. If you are a fan of the show, let me know what you think, and what you would like to see from the rest of the season. If you have yet to watch the hit show, tell me why you have not made the decision yet, and if you plan on it! If you read the comics and know it all, keep it to yourself. I hate spoilers! Oh yeah, AMC is having a marathon all day today, so if you need to catch up go go go!

Happy Zombie Day!