Moving On Up: Feature Writing for the Eyes of Thousands

Starting off this year on the right foot can prove to be difficult for many. With much hope, I am rooting for all of you to gear up and set out to conquer all of those goals and adventures you planned on January 1st. On that note, I just wanted to come through and share with you guys a cool new gig I picked up just this Monday.

Myself & best friend Sean at Vibes 2011 (quality cell phone photo)

I was anxious to see if I could get a hold of a press pass, or backstage event access, to this year’s Gathering of the Vibes festival that takes place in my hometown of Bridgeport- a musical gathering that honors the legacy of the Grateful Dead with four days of live bands and celebration. I wanted to be up close and in the action so I could blog my little heart out for you guys to read and enjoy, from hundreds or thousands of miles away from the action.

Well, I ended up being offered to blog on the Vibes’ official website,, as a feature writer. My first two articles are due for review this evening. My first task is to explore what I know about being a Bridgeport native, and the beauty of Seaside Park, the chosen festival grounds for the past five years which sits on a stretch of land on Long Island Sound.

I want to tackle the relativity between the popular urban park to the area’s music culture. Bridgeport is known for a lot of things, some good and some bad, but overall it is a historical city that played an integral role in the development of early Southern Connecticut. The evolution of my hometown includes a lot of unknown fun aspects, events that are often overlooked due to its reputation for sometimes being a bit of a rough place to be- but is that not the case with most cities?

My second feature will be about what exactly is going on that is worth talking about and promoting; events that happen regularly while Vibes is in its hibernating months. I plan to touch on bars and venues that host local music, as well as the more artistic aspects of my area; exhibits and gatherings that celebrate the diversity of the Bridgeport and its bordering towns and cities.

As much as I am ready to pick it up and move on out, Connecticut has lately proved itself to be capable of offering opportunities to me that I once thought were lacking. I am using my love for writing, music and conversing with people to find what exactly is hip and fun, to share with people my introspect on what qualifies as time-worthy, and to essentially build a résumé. Being a curious journalist will help me learn my trade better and make great connections- all the while, having a great time.

With a bit of persistence, I have managed to take a great leap in the right direction of my dreams. Just last semester, I had thought that a communications (advertising) major would be more ideal in the future- with a greater likelihood of landing a steady job. This new year, my dedication to this blog and the desire to continuously pump out entertaining material has reassured me that pursuing a career in writing has always been the right way to go. I am slowly finding the exact path of what I want to focus my journalism on.

Everything takes time. Mistakes are likely to be made and our minds will more or less change with just a slight hint of doubt. The key to getting what you want out of life and your potential career, I have found, is by having the faith that you are one in million at what you do. Attitude (without being a pretentious snob) is key to busting down those doors. I am thankful for my new-found determination.

Although I have a long road ahead of me, and there are other non-career related goals I have yet to reach (and may never reach), I have to believe that there is the possibility for everything I want to achieve.

I will let you guys know when my first posts are up on the Vibes website. I really want you all to check it out, because I know that a lot of the readers here at sarah On The Go are not Connecticut, or even American based. This is a chance for me to let you all in on where I call home, and essentially knock out the stereotypes of Connecticut living. There is a great art culture right in my backyard, and I would like to help you experience it from across the map.