SOPA Bill Threatens U.S. Internet Freedoms

As if continuous economic troubles and unemployment increases were not enough of a heavy load to be carried into the New Year, America now has to fight for our rights to defend existing freedoms.

As you may have heard in an uproar of internet strikes and Facebook statuses today, anti-piracy acts PIPA (Protect IP Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) are threatening to shut down widely popular sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, as well as the skeleton of all the world wide web, Google. In attempt to prevent thievery among copyrighted material, PIPA and SOPA have been carrying their weight throughout Washington D.C. this week, while some politicians who previously backed the bill have withdrawn their support.

The internet has given me a world of knowledge; access to new cultures (which is what we like here at sarah On The Go), and the ability to stay informed about breaking news via Twitter. I am able to keep in touch with friends from across the globe through Facebook, and use Google to research college work.

Just doing my part, click this link below to sign your name to the petition hosted by Google, which could potentially keep this outrageous bill from going any further.


You tell ’em, Red!