Monthly Archive: January, 2012

Marked for Life: A Little Number on Tattoos

Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to a new shop in the southern part of my state for my newest tattoo. What it is, I will not reveal! Although you may shrivel into a… Continue reading

These Boots are Made for Road Trippin’

Good ol’ Tennessee! Home to some of the most distinguished names in music history, this Southeastern state boasts not only its knack for continuously producing music greats, but the food culture and beautiful… Continue reading

SOPA Bill Threatens U.S. Internet Freedoms

As if continuous economic troubles and unemployment increases were not enough of a heavy load to be carried into the New Year, America now has to fight for our rights to defend existing… Continue reading

Channeling the F-Word: It’s Not What You Think

After a weekend of playing the female Dr. Drew, where I believe to be almost equally knowledgeable about sex and relationships, I had to blog about it all. Oh, I know you winced when you… Continue reading

The Evolution of Reality TV

Before I begin to tear into today’s topic without discretion, I will have you know that I love reality television. There is something about the ingredients poured into reality shows that borders on… Continue reading

Playmates Don’t Eat Lasagna: Finding Health & Balance in 2012

This weekend was one big culinary orgasm. I went out to several restaurants and indulged in countless carbohydrates while unabashedly basking in gluttonous satisfaction. I drank lager after lager and chose mashed potatoes and rice as… Continue reading

Big Screen Stimulus: Guns & Guts Inspire

Good day, everyone. I cannot say this blog is anything more than a strangely concocted jambalaya of feelings triggered by a movie filled with guns, guts and blood. Hey now, half the week… Continue reading

Music Makes the People Come Together, Yeah!

Growing up, I was constantly submerged in music. I took guitar lessons, taught myself the organ, sang in choir and was always a part of school musicals. But when the innocence of church… Continue reading