Suburbia Meets the Big Apple

Me on the MTA!

This past Sunday, myself and friends hopped onto the Metro North from the Fairfield station and made our way to Manhattan. We had some solid plans which included spending a good portion of our afternoon at the Museum of Natural History. As we took off away from our bubble and into the dizzying metro beauty, I began to wonder if I could live the rest of my life without ever making a visit to New York City again. So between hard laughs and picture-taking, I zoned out into the moderate whizzing of the outside world. What do I know about NYC? What do I really like about NYC? I have been there so many times and I always leave with lasting memories, but I am also strikingly relieved when I arrive home to my rural neighborhood.

Alex & Jonny posing in front of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

We arrived to Grand Central a bit past noon and took the subway to Central Park West. The temperature was in the mid 30s but we all managed to block it out. A bitter chill was not going to ruin our Christmas visit to the Center of the Universe. Once we got into the museum we realized we did not even need to purchase tickets, prices were negotiable as they are “donations.” We paid the full price anyway and started with the dinosaur exhibit, which is labeled as the largest in the world. Sunday is an ideal time to head over there; it was not too crowded and there were less baby strollers than I am assuming are present during the week! We hit every floor except the last, where the Hall of Gems was located, but we were running out of time. I was intrigued by almost everything, but mostly by the Native American artifacts. Between the animal traps, spearheads, official garb, pottery and art, I was sucked in. There were these two dolls that were uncovered from 1600’s Plains Indians. They were made and exchanged by newlyweds as a token of love, fidelity and honor. Simple and endearing.

There was so much to take in, one could easily spend two full days reading and walking around, catching special exhibits like the planetarium show (which I was fortunate to have seen a couple of years ago). But we got the most out of our time there and moved on to get some eats.

We grabbed a bite at McGee’s Pub and I had a nice Sam Winter and got a light salad. Yes, I recognize the irony. Everyone else got burgers and while they all were satisfied, I was not. How to fuck up a salad is beyond me. The tomatoes were so bitter, the avocado was not fresh and the bacon was under-cooked. Also for $13 dollars, it seemed to be more of a side salad. I understand that in NYC you get a little for a lot, but come on. Bill paid, we took off en route to Barney’s to check out Lady Gaga’s: Gaga’s Workshop. After walking for what seemed to be about 30 or so minutes, we found it on Madison Avenue.