Monthly Archive: December, 2011

The Year of Me, My and I

As the new year creeps up on us, it is time to make decisions. I am talking about making changes, people! Over a week ago, I was introduced to the Day Zero Project… Continue reading

A Fresh Look at Egypt: What Cairo Has to Offer

When I was in the seventh grade, I moved from a diverse community in an urban setting to a claustrophobic cluster of suburbanites. I sat with the “cool” table for the blink of… Continue reading

A Blue Christmas: Coping with Loss During the Holidays

Christmas is this weekend and while many have the gift of holiday spirit fueling their efforts to prepare, others are left with sad reminders of family or friends who have passed. There is… Continue reading

All I Want For Christmas is You- And These 19 Material Things

I hate to admit this. Actually, I am almost positive that a week from now someone will throw this in my face: Tuesday night I watched the Glee Christmas Special. I never saw… Continue reading

Suburbia Meets the Big Apple

This past Sunday, myself and friends hopped onto the Metro North from the Fairfield station and made our way to Manhattan. We had some solid plans which included spending a good portion of… Continue reading

O’ Lonely Night: When Christmas Loses its Spunk

I am not sure how you are feeling about this holiday season so far, but I have yet to get in the mood for it. Maybe finals week and the stress of finding… Continue reading

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    • Anyone know of a place that's going to stream #Phish Jazzfest webcast? Was hoping Garcia's at the Cap would but no such luck 9 hours ago
    • Day from hell. Smoking a fat one and watching the new episode of The Americans. It's the only way to watch that show. 20 hours ago
    • So my dog had another seizure at the vet just when she was getting better. Does any1 have experience w/this? I feel like I'm in a nightmare 1 day ago