Street Chic for the Sexes

The remainder of this autumn season and our descent into winter fashion is all about bold statements. Wear what you want, how you want! To swear by page 78 of Elle Magazine is not self-expression, it is to be used merely a guide. We can copy looks from the holy grail of fashion guidance, magazines, by corresponding these styles to our personality types. But you already knew that, right?

The November issue of Nylon Magazine is all types of perfect. Featuring the beautiful Rachel Bilson, the hipster chic mag talks about (among other things) makeup and its role in America. We salute you lipstick lords! So if you are at all like me and love to overdose on eyeliner, pick up the latest issue on newsstands today. It features similar looks from the collages I put together below and can pinpoint price better than I can.

This season and for many of the last, I have preferred leather, combat and riding boots, colorful scarves, and mini dresses layered over leggings. I am also a total sucker for leg warmers and tights with an ankle or mid-calf boot. Guys, I like to see you wearing scarves as well, preferably tucked into a peacoat. Do not feel so embarrassed to rock one. They are sexy and show sophistication. Complete your look with a great shoe or boot from fab designers like Steve Madden. They are relatively cheap and so much better than sneakers, or worse, Diesels.

Below are some of my favorite looks for the season found on unsuspecting street style victims and models alike. What you see can easily be found a thrift stores or low-priced retail shops like Forever 21 and H&M. Oh, and dudes, I have got some stuff gathered for you as well. Wear it how you want it, and do not apologize!

Walk, walk, fashion, baby.





Check out these online shopping sites that I use time and time again!

For the Ladies:

For Both:


“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Yves St. Laurent

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