A Very Halloweenie Weekend

Happy Weekend, my friends!

I am coming through to promote Halloween! Surely, most of you are already doing your planning for this beautiful Friday evening but you can go to that bar any day of the week. After hearing endless promotions on the radio and Facebook, pick one with a theme this weekend. If you do not already have a handful of costume parties to attend, do a little internet research to see which bars in your area are holding costume contests, Halloween themed parties and reduced cover and drink specials because of this grand ol’ holiday.

This weekend and the next are the only two weekends of the year where it is totally okay to look like a cheap hooker. While going the scary/gory route is always fun to see at parties, I am truly entertained by the originality and hard work put into those costumes worn by the busty bleach blondes in fishnets. There are always at least seven girls at the party wearing various colored fishnets they proudly overpaid at VIP just to say they went into an adult store. There is nothing wrong with this. Anyway, the weather in Connecticut this weekend is supposed to be nothing but sun and the typical autumn cool. Live it up! And keep in mind the following:

1. Put Some Effort Into Your Costume

I am no stranger to slacking last-minute to pull together a costume. Digging up in the attic boxes labeled “Halloween” from ten years ago, pulling out your 5th grade costume is not entirely a good idea, although I am not innocent of this whatsoever (“sexy” maid circa 2009). Besides, the tighter the better! However, we are old enough now to fork out at least $20 bucks for a costume. I am making mine from materials I purchased at Jo-Ann Fabric and pieces from Goodwill. I am one cheap woman, but creativity this year will not lack because of it. If you sincerely cannot afford a costume, go back up those creaky attics stairs and find something old you can splash fake blood on. Concentrating on a good “dead look” will totally distract from your father’s old work shirt which you took a scissors to. Put a good amount of effort into your makeup and voila! You can be a dead anything in no time.

2. Pregame

If there is one thing I am religious about, it is the power of a good pregame. Not to sound like some egocentric alcoholic but it takes me some time and quite a few drinks to feel that perfect drunk. If I went to the bar without a little whiskey in me before, I would end up spending a fortune. Gather your friends an hour before the bar and pregame lightly. You do not have to take shots and chug down beers. Sit and talk with one another, make a cocktail or two and head over to the bar when you feel that little spark turning on inside. Designated drivers are a must right now. The 5-0 will be everywhere for the next two weeks.

3. Take Pictures

I like to call it “documenting life” to make it sound less obsessive, but you can simply refer to it as taking pictures. If you know you are going to look hot as a 2011 version of Pocahontas, bring the camera along! There is nothing to be shy about. First of all, who does not like to have their picture taken? Especially around Halloween when everyone is dressed to be ogled at. I am never one to back down from a great photo opportunity. A group of all your old friends huddled around the beer pong table will resonate memories and good laughs down the road. I know a lot of people who have said they do not take their camera out because they do not want to be “that person” and hope for someone else to do the job. You will be completely upset in 50 years when you have absolutely no pictures to look back on. These are the best days of your life!

4. Make Quality Best Friend Time

If you plan on doing some fall activities during the day this weekend, do them with the people who matter most. If you have yet to pick your pumpkin, make a scarecrow, roll around in leaves or channel your inner 6 year-old, call up your best friend to join. We may consider two to four people our best friends, but single out someone who you know may need an afternoon out. Get your pumpkin (document life) grab some cider (add some whiskey to it), break a little law or two, laugh, and be together. Carve your pumpkin and as I stated in an earlier post, have a contest! Make your sister or roommate be the judge, winner gets a drink later that night. Another fun thing to do, especially now that we are all responsible for those leaves piling up, make a scarecrow! When was the last time you did that? Make Halloween cookies or cupcakes and spend a good hour decorating them all. Before you know it, the dead of winter will be here, post-Christmas, and there will be nothing going on. Embrace the season.

Myself (in a barely sexy but naughty school girl costume) amongst great friends

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