What Is Art To You?

I discriminate against no art. Abstract, surreal, traditional, sculpture, naturalistic, realistic, what have you. I love it all. (::Insert “She thinks she is so cool” comment here::)

“I could do that. The painter totally just splashed some paint on a canvas and we are supposed to believe he is a deep, meaningful artist? Psshh.” – ignorant and absent-minded individual. (::Insert “What a cocky, judgemental bitch” comment here::)

No, but really. Look at what you are seeing. What about the colors? Are they bright? If so, how do those colors make you feel? Joyous? Angry because you are not happy yourself? What if the colors are dark? Can you relate to some sort of sadness? Do you prefer dark because you become you at dusk? What about all the absence of paint? The vast white canvas that has been so widely overlooked? Can you find no meaning in that?

Art is meant to be interpreted in our own way. There is no right or wrong.  I chose to post the pictures above because they can be interpreted in many ways, to all individuals, under any personal circumstance. How do you relate to a naked woman? Maybe you are one. Maybe you want one. Maybe you think she is too beautifully crafty and it is unreal, and so you higher your normally low standards yet again in hopes to find a being as perfectly structured as the oils on a canvas.

Do not undermine yourself. There is a piece of us in every work of art. We can learn about ourselves from even a speck of red paint on a black canvas. If this gets us thinking at all, it is more than we thought before. Congratulations.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Art To You?

  1. This is a great post. I just love the folks who say “I could do that.” Do they think they have the same life experiences to create the same abstract work of art? i wish more folks would open their eyes to all the art around them. It’s truly wondrous. And the more creative the better. :) Thanks for sharing.

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