A Good Case of the Mondays

I typically do not mind Mondays because I have allowed myself an extended weekend for the greater portion of my adult life. I cannot be confined to two days to do as I please. I want to do as I please every day! I realize this is not practical and I will eventually wither away into the abyss of laziness, otherwise known as the ever so feared, non-productive member of society. I do not want that label hovering above me, or any other label of its kind.

So why is this Monday being so good to me? I thought Monday had a bad reputation. I cannot seem to find it. It is not in the bottle of Tylenol Migraine next to my bed, or the empty wallet in my purse. What are you people talking about?

I had an easy weekend lined up for me, as posted in an earlier blog. I stand mildly corrected. I went for a walk with my dog Emma, and we had an adventurous yet relaxing time. I vented to her about my “problems,” got that fresh air intake I suggested we all need and even skimmed for a perfect pumpkin with her outside of an old church in my neighborhood.

Emma loves walks more than I love the weekends
The nights are getting darker earlier now, so as soon as there was a slight hint of shade, I texted my fingers off to find plans for the evening. This was a domino effect of massive proportions as my one bar night turned into three. I celebrated a birthday, I met up with old friends, I worked vigorously on a research paper, the weather was warm and reminiscent of early summer, etcetera, etcetera. I found every excuse imaginable to justify spending my money at the bars.

I realized this morning as I stood up and almost melted to the floor in hangover agony that it was worth it. I had a great weekend. I am happy to have spent the green bouncing between delicious draft beers and expensive whiskey cocktails. There is a rush that comes from blasting your favorite Pandora station and switching up outfits, making a terror of your room. Even the anxiety that comes with not being able to find your favorite butt-boosting pair of jeans in the laundry room, and watching the clock between makeup applications to stay on time. I love those feelings.

And so, the phone is ringing profusely and your friend is battling between bar spots until you finally get that one text that sets it all in motion. “I will meet you at the Ale House at 9:30, text me when you are outside.”  And you cannot be late. You can, but you are not. Friday nights are important to you, as they should be.

But Friday is a ways away now and the weekend should be irrelevant until Wednesday at the earliest. I may have had my first case of the Mondays this morning, but from it I found focus (on the week’s technically more important tasks, like school and midterms). As always, I will not deny myself a drink, probably not even tonight, but as long as we are able to zone out of party mode and into professional mode, we are all going to be alright! Maybe next week, you and I will be more careful with our money, maybe we will have one less drink or maybe we will do just the same. Stay happy today. Whatever path you need to go down to make the remainder of this unfairly judged weekday pleasant, by all means do it.

Have an awesome Monday, just try!

Posing with darts is much easier than actually playing them

2 thoughts on “A Good Case of the Mondays

  1. The only thing worse than a Monday is a Tuesday, because you don’t EXPECT Tuesday to be terrible the way you expect Monday to be, but it always is. It’s misleading! Fuck you, tricky Tuesday, you’re worse than that “hottie” I picked up when I was wasted who turns out–post beer goggled euphoria–did not have a sexy Bruce Willis shave. Dude was balding. You tricked me and I will never forgive you. (end rant).

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