Feeling Accomplished!

Hugs and kisses to all that decided to check out my blog. I am so excited, after days of being so frustrated, to have a working website! I have recently turned into a foul-mouthed perfectionist, swearing off these do-it-yourself hosting sites because I could not reach visual greatness. Then, I self-medicated my technologically unsaavy meltdown with a drink or four and realized it was not that hard.

I was too focused on the pretties, the colors, the background options… the god forsaken font size. A glimmer of hope then shone through my bedroom window and it dawned on me, it was the content of this blog that matters! Ahhh, and so the true journalist was exposed from within. (Add hint of sarcasm as needed). Well, sarah On The Go is finally “on the go.” I am now sober and anxious to bring my curiously promiscuous adventures and opinions to paper- errr… the keyboard.

So why bother? Here is the deal. Most of us do not lead lives like psuedo-celebrity, Samantha Brown (are there casting couches for the Travel Channel?), or can even indulge in yummy misbehaviors like Bobbi Brown in his glory years. Hell, I do not have much at all besides common sense, good friends, and a need to know more. If you are inquisitive and thrifty with your cash flow like I am, we can make travel, and a life worth living, possible. Whether its debauchery you prefer, or living inside the lines, you and I deserve every teeny-tiny drop of succulent life as much as the next person.

Every season brings potential for down-to-earth fun. If there is a reason you have never been teasingly called “Miss” or “Mr. Money Bags”, chin up! I like to do just about everything within reason… even when I have money. I can ensure my reader that the frugal side of us both will poke through those cheap cloudy skies as you can finally do something for yourself in terms of fashion, local travel, shows, festivals and even dining out. I am talking about making plans and being impulsive, people.

I want to hear from you all as much as possible. Questions, comments and criticism (of any kind) are more than welcome. I’ve got non-literal thick skin and I want to hear what you have to say. E-mail directly at sarahmastroni@yahoo.com or leave comments and suggest things to see and do in the Sound Off! section. Love to all, Sarah.

Myself & best friend, Diana, on the Metro North headed to Grand Central in NYC

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