Monthly Archive: October, 2011

Cairo, Copenhagen, Connecticut?

Anthony Bourdain made his way to Waterbury, Connecticut this past Tuesday for a show at the Palace Theater. The world renowned chef and journalist spoke to a packed crowd for more than an… Continue reading

Halloween Hodgepodge

Let us enjoy some pretties (and creepies), as I like to call them, and stay happy today with the help of photographs, nostalgia, some recipes and planning ahead. I am still going on… Continue reading

Horror Movie Mayhem

I am not a witch, devil-worshiper or a Gothic princess that celebrates Halloween all year, I am merely a fanatic of this holiday (if that has not been made apparent yet). I want to talk about… Continue reading

A Stay Happy Montage

Good afternoon, cyber world! I am coming to you today with just a few things that I came across that made me feel something. Get this week rolling on a good note. We… Continue reading

A Very Halloweenie Weekend

Happy Weekend, my friends! I am coming through to promote Halloween! Surely, most of you are already doing your planning for this beautiful Friday evening but you can go to that bar any day of… Continue reading

An Afternoon Vent Sesh

“Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”  The always lovely Janet Jackson may have made this truthful statement extremely famous, but this one has… Continue reading

Late Night Insight Vol. 2: Body Art & Inspiration

For centuries, body art has been a form of expression and culture. Maybe you have a tattoo, know someone with a tattoo, or plan on getting a tattoo but the fact of the… Continue reading

In My Wildest Realities

Everyone has those three or four travel destinations that we swear up and down we will venture to one day. Whether it is the money that is holding you back, as it is… Continue reading

What Is Art To You?

I discriminate against no art. Abstract, surreal, traditional, sculpture, naturalistic, realistic, what have you. I love it all. (::Insert “She thinks she is so cool” comment here::) “I could do that. The painter… Continue reading

Nostalgia Overload

Merry Hump Day. You can officially start making weekend plans. Mine include apple picking and wine tasting with some friends on Saturday afternoon! I was told it would cost under 20 smackaroos and… Continue reading

A Late Night Glance Vol. 1: Art, Poetry & Inspiration

Charles Baudelaire: Be Drunk You have to be always drunk. That’s all there is to it–it’s the only way. So as not to feel the horrible burden of time that breaks your back… Continue reading

A Good Case of the Mondays

I typically do not mind Mondays because I have allowed myself an extended weekend for the greater portion of my adult life. I cannot be confined to two days to do as I… Continue reading

¡Viva los Restaurantes Mexicanos!

What makes a good dining experience? Is it the service, the atmosphere, the… food? Last night I went to a little Mexican restaurant just outside of New Haven called Ixtapa Grille. Considering my favorite… Continue reading

Chill Out: Autumn Weekend

October is a busy month for most of us. I have quite a few plans for the end of the month, including my annual Salem, Massachusetts trip and a plethora of Halloween parties.… Continue reading

Feeling Accomplished!

Hugs and kisses to all that decided to check out my blog. I am so excited, after days of being so frustrated, to have a working website! I have recently turned into a… Continue reading

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