Life List

This challenge is called the Day Zero Project: Plan. Create. Motivate. Achieve. The idea is to make a list of 101 things you have never done and complete them all before 1,001 days is up.

The Day Zero Project, or what I refer to as a “Life List,” is a more practical take on the classic bucket list. Let’s be realistic, some of us (::cough:: me) can barely keep a New Year’s resolution. A Life list is a more compelling challenge to take on all the little- and occasional big things- that make life so amazing… pressure free! Learn about yourself through adventure and accomplishment.

Take your time, but not too much time, to explore the things you have put off for far too long.

I have until July 25, 2017 to complete my second Life List!

Not completed

In progress



1. Get published

2. Donate blood

3. Visiting Burlington, Vermont

4. Leave an inspirational note in a book for someone to find

5. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years

6. Go to church

7. Run a half marathon

8. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet

9. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons

10. Get a real job

11. Don’t complain about anything for a week

12. Lose 20 pounds

13. Start an Etsy shop

14. Get an “A” in a class

15. Get an apartment

16. See a Phish concert in Miami

17. Go to a movie alone

18. Pay off my credit card debt

19. Graduate college

20. Influence 3 people to make a Life List

21. Get my mother and father “thinking of you” cards randomly

22. Learn to speak Spanish fluently

23. Learn the alphabet in sign language

24. Grow something from a seed

25. Print out photos from my computer

26. Learn every world capital

27. Find out my blood type

28. Go vegetarian for a month

29. Host a dinner party

30. Grow my hair long

31. Visit San Fransisco

31. Make a snowman

32. Visit Machu Picchu

33. Ride a horse

34. Attend a midnight premiere of a movie

35. Build an iPhone app

36. Research the history of my hometown

37. Learn to write my name in Japanese

38. Learn to say “I love you” in 10 different languages

39. Send flowers to my grandmothers

40. Create a $500 dollar emergency fund

41. Have a graduation party

42. Make a birthday cake/cupcakes for someone

43. See 10 classic movies I’ve never seen

44. Go ice-skating

45. Buy a new car

46. Ask 10 friends/sarah On The Go! friends to suggest a book and read them all

47. Make something from wood

48. See a Marilyn Monroe movie

49. Design and name a cocktail

50. Take a photo of myself every first of the month

51. Make homemade pesto

52. Write a poem that describes a beautiful memory

53. Swim with dolphins

54. Donate books to school

55. Volunteer at a local animal shelter

56. Volunteer at a hospice

57. Make a custom recipe book

58. Create a coffee table book starring my dog Emma

59. Learn how to use all the functions on my Nikon

60. Quit using “like” as a verbal filler

61. Spend a day without technology

62. Memorize the “to be or not to be” soliloquy from Hamlet

63. Be able to name all of the bones in my body

64. Cook 5 meals from 5 different countries

65. Research my family tree

66. Build a sandcastle

67. Adopt a pet

68. Learn Sudoku

69. Make organic strawberry jam

70. Eat lobster in Maine

71. Bake a Rubik’s Cube cake

72. Catch a snowflake on my tongue

73. Knit a blanket

74. Build a sundial

75. Spend the New Year in a different state

76. Start a fire with sticks and rocks

77. Finish my children’s book

78. Learn to locate all 50 states on a map

79. Plant a tree

80. Go white water rafting

81. Ride a segway

82. Visit Niagra Falls

83. Go to a psychic

84. Learn to drive stick shift

85. Make a gingerbread house

86. Meet someone famous

87. Go to a toga party

88. Take a painting class

89. Sew/create a dress

90. Attend Burning Man

91. Stay in a cabin in the woods

92. Attend a yoga class

93. Completely quit smoking

94. Fix/cover-up some tattoos

95. Learn a song on the piano

96. Organize my memory box

97. Visit my childhood home

98. Get a facial

99. Go to New York City once a month

100. Put $10 away for every goal completed.

101. Make another Life List the day this one ends