Climbing Out of a Rut: The Infinite Struggle

I’ve been having a rough time lately. School and life got a bit overwhelming for a second and I lost a lot of interest in sharing myself with people. I felt uninteresting and that my life was monotonous. Most of my free time has been spent studying math. I graduate college, finally, in May. But I have to pass math first, which has proven to be the mother of challenges. I’m a right-brain!

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I’m thinking about switching my blog platform to Wix. My only qualm about making the switch is that Wix will make sarah On The Go! more of a generalized website and less of a blog. Okay, so what? Well, I like connecting with you guys. WordPress allows me to reach so many people so easily. Thanks, Reader! I also love comments. Even when they’re telling me I’m wrong. I learn a lot from you all. It’s just so cozy over here on WordPress. If anyone has suggestions on how to jazz up a premium template, help me out. Because right now all I can do is change the font. ZzZzzz…

Anyway, I’ve got some big things planned this summer and I want to post about all of it! I’m going to Wisconsin, Maryland and Denver again for Phish shows. There’s also a three-day festival the band’s putting on. Also, my friends and I decided to try out Firefly Music Festival in Delaware. So that’s up first. My poor body… it’s takes such a beating in the summer. No complaints though, I live for live music.

I’ve been working on opening my Etsy shop. I have been crafting custom jewelry in my free time. Ironic, because I was just bitching about being so busy with college life, and math, and being uninteresting (that takes up a lot of time)… over-analyzer in the house! I didn’t know I liked making jewelry, though, and it’s new and fun and that’s a fucking good feeling. New and fun. Say it with me, now: NEW AND FUN!

Alas, I still love to write. My graphic novel series is almost done. It’s dark and depressing at moments, but life has a lot of that. I want to tell you guys more about that when it’s almost complete. It’s been my baby, my absolute obsession. I cringe at the thought of trying to get published.

Not posting anything on here for so long hurts. I love to write for the interwebs. Thanksfully, I feel like I’m crawling up out of the rut and back into the world again.

Love to all!!!



My Latest Adventure: New Years Eve in Miami

I’ll admit it, I have been a little nervous to look back on my photos from Miami. Winter here in Connecticut was calm up until the last month or so, and now I can’t find a place to put the snow when I shovel.


We left for Miami December 30th and got back on January 6th. Our main purpose for the trip was to see four nights of Phish at American Airlines Arena, which was a beautifully located waterfront venue in the heart of downtown. So you’ll see a mix of Phishy pics in the gallery, but I can’t help but share them with you guys! I didn’t think I’d be all that into Miami. I love the beach but I’m a little more low-key than the people I presumed inhabited the place. In actuality, I fit right in. I like good food, warm weather, eye candy… there was nothing to dislike.


Anyway, here are some of the photos I snapped during my stay in South Beach and Fort Lauderdale. I can totally recommend Fort Lauderdale (we stayed there for three days at the end of our trip) to anyone who loves an uncrowded beach with seriously clean water. We saw barracudas! Also, if you plan on visiting Miami, check out the plane fare for arrival into Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood. Miami International wanted $700+something, Fort Lauderdale set us back $200+something… significant difference!


Looking to Interview Recipients of Charity

My last semester of college started on Monday and already I’m knee-deep in planning for projects. In my my magazine writing course, my professor handed out an article from December’s New York Times: What Happens to Letters to Santa Claus From New York City Children?

You can read the original story here but the gist of it is about letters to Santa Claus that are answered by members of the United States Postal Service. Operation Santa is not a charity, but rather a gesture of good will by employees of the USPS who have been responding to letters in the New York City area for over 70 years.  letter-to-santa

After digging into the Times’ article, searching for potential follow-up stories on USPS operations, salaries, etc., I thought an interesting piece (and more happier) would be to focus on a child who got a response from Santa, the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, so on and so forth.

Is there anyone out there who, as a child, received any type charity or warm greeting (gift, card, visit, phone call) which had a lasting impression on their life? You do not have to be a recipient of Operation Santa, perhaps any charitable association who positively (even negatively) impacted your life heading into the adult future.

If you are willing to share your story, please comment below and let me know! Your name will be changed if you wish. Any story I produce will be for mine and my professor’s eyes only.

If you want to contact me anonymously, e-mail

Thank you!

Andrea Stella, a volunteer with Operation Santa, choked up while reading children’s letters to Santa Claus with Mike Catsam at the James A. Farley Post Office Building in Manhattan. Credit Todd Heisler/The New York Times

Andrea Stella, a volunteer with Operation Santa, choked up while reading children’s letters to Santa Claus with Mike Catsam at the James A. Farley Post Office Building in Manhattan. Credit Todd Heisler/The New York Times


The Worst Thanksgiving Ever

Thanksgiving dinner had come and gone and my dog Emma sat on the floor by the table with our family and seemed physically fine. We gave her a little bit of turkey and the same amount of love and hugs and kisses she had gotten the past 13 years. She had some signs of arthritis, but we would always make sure she got her exercise, and because she loved the snow, I threw some in the air for her to catch in her mouth just that morning.


I was watching a movie in my basement that evening when I heard her coming down the stairs to me. It was hard for her to get up stairs, but she always wanted to be around someone, and that dog loved me so much. This past May, she suffered her first (from what I witnessed) grand mal seizure. The vet claimed it was a brain tumor so we put her on Phenobarbital only to witness a second at-home seizure that June. Our regular, non-emergency vet, found her blood sugar levels had been at 600. She almost died that day but I got her to the clinic in time. She was diagnosed with diabetes and was on a twice-daily routine of insulin. Her vision deteriorated greatly over the past year, but she still went for her walks and followed us all around like a shadow. However, when I went to get Emma her shot Thursday, she froze up in fear and went into her first of five seizures that night. 20140410_38

The veterinarian at the emergency hospital told my mother and I that her blood sugar levels were only slightly high, and the probable cause of her seizures was likely a brain tumor. So which was it? Was she diabetic with bouts of epilepsy, diabetic with other undiagnosed complications from her diabetes, was she diabetic and had brain tumors? I’m pissed just thinking about the lack of clarity. Tests and CT scans would run upwards of $3,000 dollars, and if the vet was right, what could we have done with that diagnosis, anyway? Anesthesia is dangerous for an older dog, and removing a brain tumor? Forget about it.

20131225_75The next morning I went back to the animal hospital to have Emma relieved of her suffering. I can’t be sure if I made the right decision by not going into the room to watch her last breath. They gave us time in a separate room where she came in and wagged her tail, and I cried more than I ever thought was possible. I feel full of regret and guilt. Did I scare Emma into a seizure? If she never came downstairs with me, would she be alive today? This is my first significant loss of any sort, ever. I am having an extremely hard time handling the pain of being home. I have found that being with my boyfriend and friends helps, but I have to come home eventually, and her bed and toys and food dish are gone.

Emma was so full of love. Anyone that ever knew her was filled with positivity, if only for a moment. She loved everything and everyone. She never needed a leash and always stayed right in the yard. I cannot imagine owning a greater pet. But right now, nothing more consumes me than the last image of Emma at home, in my bedroom, taking the Milkbone treats without hesitation, then falling into a seizure again. I get to points where I think about the cremation process, and picture her lying there ready to be turned into ashes. It’s morbid, and I know I need to think of memories, but my brain won’t let me think of anything but the awful stuff. I really don’t know what to think, because we don’t know the official reason for having her put down. I don’t even know how to begin this healing process.




Being Anti-Kardashian in A Pro-Kardashian World

I planned it all out last night: wake up earlier and post a blog declaring my hatred for Kim Kardashian’s new Paper Magazine cover photo. I could have blogged about my trip to Vermont, my decision to continue on to graduate school, or my plans to knit a friggen sweater. Instead, I’m blogging about why society shouldn’t pay Kimmy K. attention as I give Kimmy K. attention.

Disclaimer: I do realize that I am part of the problem. 

Capture1And I don’t want to be a part of that problem anymore but the need to constantly run my mouth about the talentless Kardashian klan is compelling. I mean, since they are not going anywhere, someone has to do it. There must be a balance between the fans and the anti-fans, or else this semi-honorable society as we know it is over. I understand that Kim is, in parts, a model, but no one should be force-fed brainless celebrities this much. It’s dangerous.

I was preparing for my anthropology presentation on Zambia yesterday when a group of students sitting next to my table started on and on and on about that photoshoot. (I had to Google whether or not photoshoot was, by English language standards, one or two words and the first thing that came up was…. guess!) Anyway, the students were praising whatsherface for “ignoring the haters.” I began recounting statistics about Zambia’s extremely high infant mortality rates over the background noises of Kim this, and Kim that. You know that little thermometer in cartoons that fills up red as the character’s anger increases? Okay. “I hope I look like that when I’m a mother!” They continued. Children could walk up to 20 miles a day for clean water; many die from diarrhea because the water is so polluted. The red line shoots up five notches on the fictional anger gauge. “Kris Jenner looks so good for her age.” Elderly women are left to die of starvation because of their children’s intentional neglect. The gauge explodes and I pack up my shit to study in the beautiful warm weather that Connecticut is known for in November.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Uncle Ben told Peter Parker.

Money equals power and power equals the huge capacity to do good for those less fortunate. The grand-scale of Kardashian wealth is sickening consider their lack of talent, and would prompt many to believe that with so much money, they’d actualy do something good with it. Imagine how far $10,000 USD could go in a country like Zambia. That’s a dress, a night out, a one-night stay in a hotel for some celebrities, clean water, clothing, food for whole populations elsewhere.

I was now shivering, huddled under my parka, damming the Kim-crazed students who drew me from the warmth of the library. I was wondering if all this time spent bashing Kim, there was some redeeming moment of charity of hers that I was ignorant of, I doubted it. I was seeing it all play out in my head… (cue harps and daydream bubbles)… if I were rich. “Give to the people!” Like, duh, isn’t that what we all promise to do as we walk out of the convenience store with 15 Powerball tickets? We would do: this, and this, and this, and this, and maybe buy ourselves something, too.

“Sarah, you’re getting way off track and you’re going to start your presentation quoting Spiderman and admitting your addiction to Powerball and the entire class is going to laugh or be scared.” See Kim! Look what you started here.

Class came and I channeled my inner-smart girl. I forgot all about Kim’s big ol’ photoshopped ass and my far-fetched plans from Powerball winnings and properly presented a wonderfully organized lecture on the more pressing matters in life.

But when I leave again it’s back to a Kim-obsessed world. I can’t check out of the grocery store with a roll of toilet paper without seeing a pair of soul-less Kardashian eyes staring back at me from one of the ten tabloids they monopolize. I sickeningly wonder what brand of toilet paper they prefer. Are their literal money-making asses too good for the wonderfully soft Charmin? Is their toilet paper hand-rolled by the most delicate of children’s hands, all of whom passed a rigorous interviewing process by Dictator Kris Jenner herself? Do they even poop? Okay, enough Sarah, they get it. 

For obvious reasons, the cup wouldn't stay on my butt. Is the back still sexy?

For obvious reasons, the cup wouldn’t stay on my butt. Is the back still sexy?

And the more we hate, the more Kimmy is relevant. #BreakTheInternet is one of the many examples of how much the world’s Queen of Good-At-Nothing doesn’t give a damn about our criticisms. It’s all money in the bank.

With the relentlessness of Kardashian fame, we have to look to ourselves as the problem. I am the problem for blogging about them. Tabloids are the problem for putting them on covers and people are the problem for buying them.

Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Onassis Kennedy, Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Kardashian. While a few of those ladies were tormented with inner struggles and public personal problems, one simply does not belong. Should I make it to my senior years, God willing, and look back on the icon of my generation, I surely won’t be looking back on anything substantial at all.


Life List 2014

In September of 2011, I constructed my very first Life List. The list was compiled of things I wanted to accomplish in all aspects of life; travel, health, charity, hobbies, and so on. Number 44 suggested that I write up a second list after the first had expired.

Completed: 73/101

If you are looking into making one yourself, remember that you can tailor anything you find on other people’s lists to your own lifestyle.  Browsing through other people’s lists is a great guide to building your own.

Day Zero Project Official Site:

Although I am a little bummed I did not complete as much as I had hoped, that means more for charity. Number 101 stated that I would donate a dollar for each thing I did not accomplish.

My town’s local animal shelter had put a post in last week’s newspaper stating its need for dog and cat food. I will spend no less than $27 dollars on food and care necessities and put a package together. I will be sure to post and blog about it all later on this week.

To get a better idea of what a Life List is, take a look at my newly composed list right here. If you have any questions about the Life List, drop it in the comment box below. Get brainstorming, and have fun!

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The Butcher or The Cattle: The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

There are spoilers from last night’s premiere episode of The Walking Dead in this post, so if you haven’t watched it yet, come back after you have! 


Yuck. My stomach is still reeling from the bat to head scene. I mean, we’ve seen a variety of icky deaths throughout four seasons of AMC’s blockbuster television show The Walking Dead, but last night’s trough bit was out of control nasty. There was something about the ease of swinging the bat that its handler possessed, like he was casually hitting a baseball. The psychotic vibe of the killer duos’ actions- swing, kill, slice their throats… drain for blood, repeat. Their evilness was truly felt.

As a reader of the graphic novels, I anticipated a bat to rear its barbed-wirey head at some point, but maybe not until a season six, or perhaps when the book’s next huge villain arrives, Negan, who is far worse than any Governor could have been.  Capture

And even though I had guessed the people at Terminus were cannibals the moment I saw the lady cooking on the grill at the end of season four, it was easy to assume nothing good could come from a “safe haven” with that kind of name, anyway. Right? Terminus. Sounds like, well, terminate… which I’m assuming is a bad word to hear during a zombie apocalypse, or in most circumstances.

lOverall, the first episode of season five was everything fans could have wanted. It was packed with action, and had just the right amount of story. The MVP for last night clearly goes to Carol. Good thing she knew there was a propane tank nearby, or that it even had any propane left in it, or for using a bottle rocket better than an unattended 6 year-old during a pyro-rampage on the 4th of July. If not for her, I’m sure Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob (who I was sure was going to get that knife stabbed all up and around his eyeball) well, they’d all be dead and season five, and mostly likely the show’s franchise, would wither into nothingness.
This season promises a lot, evidently shown through the relentlessness of last night. If that is the very first one they wanted to show the world, we are justified in knowing the rest of the season will not disappoint.

The Evolution of Concert-Going Part II: My trip to Atlanta

Last Thursday my best friend Chris and I left New York City for our much anticipated trip to the Peach State. A weekend of partying, live music and good eats, we had a roller coaster of adventure, some, not so great.

Music Midtown Festival took place this past weekend at Piedmont Park and let me first start this post out by saying that Atlanta and the park itself are absolutely beautiful. I don’t think I have been to a more eye-catching city thus far in my life. I mean, New York City is New York City, but for me, the visual appeal in Atlanta almost has the Big Apple rivaled.


On the Jackson Street Bridge. Any Walking Dead fans out there?

We walked around Peachstreet Street for some time before going to Rooftop 866 for drinks on, you guessed it, the roof. The friendliness of the staff was a welcome experience. Now with the weather in New England getting into the low 50’s at night, the occasional chilly breeze over a warm evening air was everything I could have wanted after a day of travel and not much sleep… and in conjunction with the half cup of whiskey our bartender poured us as a shot, it was damn near euphoric.

That takes me to Music Midtown. 

I have never encountered a more rude group of young people at any music show or festival in my life. Although this has happened before, I was surprised at how much worse people have gotten since then.

20140922_179As huge John Mayer fans, we got to his show as soon as Run DMC exited the stage. Trying to get to the front was near impossible as people were screaming at anyone who dared to come within two feet of them and their friends. Once we retreated back, because I couldn’t even get the beer can up to my mouth without having to distort my body in some way, we found temporary solace. Just as I began to enjoy my little 2×4 spot by the rail, I was heckled by a group of teenagers behind me for sitting down. How would standing increase their position in any way was beyond me, so I just kept my seat.

Still almost an hour until John Mayer went on, Chris went to the bathroom. Upon return, he was met by a human barricade led by girls no older than 18 years-old who cussed at him to go around the entire venue to get back to me. They had recruited an army of equally rude “fans” to refuse clearing a passageway back to me. Eventually, I had to pull Chris by the arm and rip him to me.

Even at Bonnaroo, a festival that annually draws over 80,000 people of all ages, I have never witnessed hatred and immaturity to such an extreme extent.

Girls passing out left and right from who knows what… drugs, I’m assuming. One after the other. Girls crying because their friends passed out, guys screaming at the girls who passed out.

Just a note: the flower headband was popular in the 60s at festivals like Woodstock, and were made with real flowers stitched into organic materials, like hemp.

Also, if you’re flashing a peace sign for the camera in front of Lana Del Rey on the stage behind you, don’t proceed to punch the girl next to you twenty minutes later. Yes, that happened.

Nevertheless, it was an eye-opening experience. Why are young people acting like this? Where exactly is the love that they claim they are sharing in via Instagram caption? And what are the intentions of the boys provoking them? It will be a sad day when music festivals are nothing but an accessory for most, right alongside their flower headbands, peace signs and Fireball whiskey.

Maybe I’m jaded because I’m three years from thirty. But, maybe I’m just seeing clearly now because I’m three years from thirty.

Act right! Be kind! Make friends! It’s so much more fun than being a bully to complete strangers.  


Joan Rivers: Comedienne, Feminist Idol or Bully?

Since the passing of Joan Rivers just yesterday, I have seen a mixed bag of emotions from social media, my friends and television. While the success and longevity of her career as a television host and comedian cannot be contested, it seems that many have much to say on what Rivers will leave behind. So what exactly is her legacy?


Once a Daytime Emmy Award-winner for The Joan Rivers Show, the no-holds-barred television personality has made a significant impact on the way pop-culture related news is delivered. I have to admit that I would be too chicken to call out celebrities’ awful Red Carpet fashions and poor dating decisions… to their faces or on national television. While E!’s Fashion Police was fun and entertaining on a very surface level, it was easy to recognize when Rivers pushed the envelope.

While Time has labeled Joan Rivers “a feminisit idol,” many tend to disagree. Here are a few reasons why:

Top Three Did She Really Say That Comments by Joan Rivers

1. Earlier this year, Rivers touched upon the release of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, the three women who were chained, raped, and held captive inside sicko Ariel Castro’s house for over 10 years. While the three were recently rescued, the comedian stated that there is absolutely no room for complaints from the former captives because “they got to live rent free for more than a decade.” When she received backlash for the comments, she rebuted with this gem:

“One of them has a book deal. Neither are in a psych ward. They’re ok. I bet you within three years one of them will be on Dancing with the Stars.”

*Does she have a point? What do you think?


2. During an after-party thrown by Elton John in 2013, Rivers commented on German supermodel Heidi Klum’s dress. While meant to be a compliment, many believe it was one of the most awful things to come out of a celebrity’s mouth.

 “The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens.



3. Lena Dunham, star of HBO’s hit show Girls isn’t what many would consider “typical Hollywood” but she’s normal to the rest of us normal folk. When Dunham appeared on the cover of the February 2014 cover of Vogue, Rivers wasn’t having it.

“You’re sending a message out to people saying, ‘It’s OK, stay fat, get diabetes. Everybody die! Lose your fingers.”

Just a day ago, Dunham made a touching response about how she respected the late comedian, but ended with the last laugh.

“…Joan is gone but a piece of her lives on: her nose, because it’s made of polyurethane.”


What do you think?


Suicide in Hollywood: A Sad Trend of Tragedy

In the wake of legendary comic, Robin Williams’ untimely passing, I found myself wondering about suicide and its relevance in Hollywood. Mulling through dim-witted and enlightening comments alike on pop culture websites the past few days, I have solidified my opinion that depression is a real thing. That may seem like it goes without saying, but there are people in this world who believe it to be a superficial feeling; depression cannot affect the wealthy because money makes happiness. While Robin Williams is the most recent example as to why those people are wrong, Hollywood has long dealt in its share of celebrity suicides.


Kurt Cobain Front man for the band Nirvana. Self-inflicted gunshot wound to head

Marilyn Monroe Actress. Accidental suicide due to overdose of barbiturates

*Looking for a good read? “The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe” by Donald H. Wolfe insists her death was meticulously planned by the Kennedy Family.

Don Cornelius Creator & host of Soul Train. Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head


Alexander McQueen World-renowned fashion designer. Consumed almost lethal levels of cocaine and alcohol, slit his wrists then hanged himself.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman American Actor. Overdose of intravenous cocaine and heroin mixture. Many consider this to have been an accident over suicide


Freddie Prinze Actor & stand-up comedian. Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head

Dana Plato Actress who played Kimberly on hit television show “Diff’rent Strokes.” Overdosed on painkillers

Brad Delp Lead singer & guitarist of rock band Boston. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Tony Scott Director of “Top Gun.” Jumped from bridge into Los Angeles Harbor, drowned

Chris Benoit WWE Wrestler Superstar. Hanged himself but not before strangling his wife and suffocating his 7-month old to death.

Gia Allemand Bachelor contestant and model. Hanged herself

Jovan Belcher Kansas City Chiefs linebacker. Self-infliced gunshot wound

L’Wren Scott Model, American Fashion Designer, and longtime girlfriend to Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger. Hanged herself

HBO Presents the Premiere of The Rolling Stones Crossfire Hurricane



Depression is an illness. I lost an uncle to suicide, and unfortunately, so have countless others. If you are depressed, it is OKAY to seek help. It affects no one race, gender, or targets the poor or wealthy alone. Keep an open mind to the struggles of others and refrain from calling those who have left us “cowards” and “selfish.”

Rest in peace to Robin Williams, a true comedic genius. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Jumanji.


If Only For One Day: Gathering of the Vibes

Normally, myself and friends get weekend camping passes to the annual Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival that takes place in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We get our personal space decorated properly (thanks to my fine festi-shopping skills), crack open a beer, and take in the beautiful view of Long Island Sound.

My hometown city has hosted the festival for 10 years now, but sadly, this year was not in the stars for me. That is until a friend came through and gave me a pair of passes his friend could not use. All my constant complaining about missing the ocean-side party via social media had paid off! There are some great people with good hearts everywhere you look.

Headliners this year included John Fogerty, Widespread Panic, and the Disco Biscuits. Other acts included Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Lotus, and Umphrey’s McGee. I arrived around noon and spent a gorgeous, sunny day with friends over the music of Ziggy Marley, Dispatch, and .moe.

Here are some of the very few photos I snapped during my short stay at Seaside Park yesterday. Next year, better planning on my part is key to enjoying one of the best [smaller] festivals in the area.


My Month With Phish

I just got through a pretty intense two-week stint following Phish around the New York area. I started off in Massachusetts, swung over to Saratoga Springs, New York and then on down to Philadelphia.

The experience is always rewarding. Phish, a four-member rock band famous for their extensive and intricate jamming and longevity (they hit 30 years together in 2013), draws a massive crowd to every show. In fact, shows that were not based in large festival-like parks, such as Randall’s Island in New York, were all sold out.

The people are good-hearted and the conversations are fun as hell. I make new friends at every show and I always leave a little more open-minded than the previous day.

Until I leave next month for the band’s three-day run in Denver, here are some photos of my very Phishy July journey.

Child Safety 101: Remember Your Child!

I’m currently watching local news channel 12 Connecticut and the anchor is giving tips on child safety.

How not to leave your child in the backseat of your car in the summer heat!



Is this what our news channels need to tell us grown adults? To leave something in the backseat so you don’t forget that you placed a living, breathing human being back there just moments ago?

Luckily for children of horrible parents all over the world, an 11 year-old Tennessee boy invented a tool to help prevent such deaths. Andrew Pelham of Nashville is the inventor of a contraption which links bright neon rubber bands to the front driver side door to the back seat, a reminder of sorts that there are passengers back there. The driver is essentially trapped in the car to check behind him or her before exiting the vehicle.

It sounds silly, sure, but I think little Andrew is wise beyond his years. Some people need to invest in his product, unfortunately.


One of the top news stories this week

Justin Ross Harris, a 33 year-old father, left his 22-month old child strapped into his carseat for over 7 hours in extreme heat. article-0-1F148DC000000578-487_634x619Upon investigation, it has been revealed that both this loser dad and his equally pathetic wife, Leanna, had researched just how long it takes a child to die in the heat of a car. Daddy’s response? He just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t happen to his son, and that he was fearful. So fearful that he went and completed a full workday while little Cooper was still inside the vehicle. Police report that when Cooper was recovered around 5 p.m., temperatures were at 88 degrees. Justice, as I would love to see it done, would be to enact Hammurabi’s Code. I’d be more than happy to lend my car to the cause.

Here’s what mommy dearest had to say on the unfortunate act of parental abuse:

“Am I angry with Ross? Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful daddy and leader for our household. Cooper meant the world to him.”


Entertainment Upsets of June

My birthday month has come and gone. June, the best month of the year!


Okay, I’m all settled now. So besides cake, presents and one endless flow of celebratory drinking, June disappointed me in some ways. The things I liked, loved, or gave a faint interest in somehow caused shock and awe in my life this past month. Here are some of greatest entertainment upsets last month. July, you have some work to do.


Parks & Recreation likely nearing its end

A show I believe to be one of the funniest comedies that has ever ran (I know, that’s heavy stuff) is supposedly ending after its forthcoming season seven. NBC’s longest-running comedy, Parks and Recreation, has made me laugh every episode and promises to do so in its last season scheduled for 2014-2015. Amy Poehler, who plays an overly determined and optimistic parks department head, constantly keeps the jokes rolling with the help of a wonderfully comedic cast including Adam Scott and Aziz Ansari, to name a few. If you have never seen the show, seasons 1-5 are on Netflix and reruns play almost daily on FX, and the new Esquire network… for men and those who don’t care what gender a network claims their allegiance.

“I’d say that the finish line is in sight at this point,” Schur told The Hollywood Reporter after the April 24 season finale. “I don’t want to say definitively but we’ve had a lot of internal discussions about it; we’ve talked to NBC a lot about it.”


Fare thee well, Catelynn Stark

largeMichelle Fairley, also known as Catelyn Stark in the most riveting television show that ever was and ever will be, Game of Thrones, will not be returning in season 5 as Lady Stoneheart. Spoiler alert: she’s supposed to return.

I have read through many forums for A Song of Ice and Fire fanatics and all seem to agree, the writers should stick to the story… you know, that intricately written fantasy series by George R.R. Martin. All producers, Dan Benioff and Dan Weiss, ever need to do is rework those massive novels to the small screen and watch the dough roll in. Too often, book readers see an original story being picked apart for television and movies, subsequently leaving out some of the most compelling storylines. While GRRM reportedly oversees all book-to-show decisions, it seems that Benioff and Weiss did what they wanted here. Am I right, ASOIAF fans? Obviously the realm could not handle thy beyond-the-dead-fabulosity, Cat.


JWoww’s Face

I admit that I have seen all episodes of Jersey Shore. Luckily for my recovering brain cells, the show has been cancelled. poelc5ni0w
I was perusing the internet, minding my own business, when a photo of the MTV star emerged in what can only be described as haunting. Why? The mother-to-be was glowing, whether that’s some new procedure in Hollywood or not is yet to be determined. I understand baby weight, but it is clear that she cannot stop injecting her poor face with crapola. I’ll never understand why women in their twenties feel the need for fillers. To be fair, the reality star has always had some, well, obviously enhanced assets. While I don’t totally disagree with plastic surgery, the girl is only 28 years-old. Boobs, okay by me! But your face is… your face. I may complain about being an old 27-year-old on the brink of death, but deep down I know I’m not going to wake up with a face full of wrinkles and a chest to my knees. Not yet at least.


Shia LaBeouf is a complete douchebag.

Any celebrity who pulls the “do you know who I am?” card is instantly dead in my book. Full disclosure: by dead I mean that I will forever refuse to pay $11.50 on a movie ticket, unless they happen to end up in the Hunger Games, or a some future onscreen adaptation of The Walking Dead (hello, can anybody out there in movie land hear me?) The Transformers star is no stranger to run- ins with the law. He has allegedly struggled with alcoholism for years, and was arrested last Thursday after screaming at actors of the NYC theater production, Cabaret. What did he say to police as he was escorted out? “Do you know who the fuck I am?” Shia, most people don’t, sorry to break it to you.

*Disclaimer: Disturbia is an enjoyable movie


Bonnaroo 2014: My Photos

The 16 hour drive from Connecticut to Tennessee isn’t that bad when you’re headed towards a weekend of live music and camping. The grueling 16 hour drive back is not how I’d particularly like to end my third trip to the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, but we had to get home somehow!

This year we had the most perfect camping spot a girl could ever want! Going RV-less for our third bout at the Manchester festival, we were within 5 minutes of the main Centeroo entrance, a minute walk from showers, ice and a stretch of food and beer. We also had some real friendly neighbors, although we left without being able to say goodbye, which really bothers me.

Here are some photos I snapped.  If you’ve never been to Bonnaroo, plan it out for you and some friends next year. No matter what you’re looking for, this festival has it. With over 85,000 in attendance, there is never any problem. Everyone is so nice. Except that our neighbors’ chairs got stolen the first day. Who does that…

There’s always music to fit someone’s interests. I saw Elton John, Die Antwoord and Vampire Weekend… none of them similar in the least. And maybe if sweating in the southern sun isn’t for you, remember there are showers, shade tents and lots of positives that offset the permanent layer of sweat you will be covered in all day.


List Making is the New Black

Lately I’ve been wondering about what I contribute to the world. On any given day, I offer nothing major to the grand scheme of things.

I recycle, I give oodles of love to my dog, I try my hand at advice-giving when my friends need it. Sure, these things matter in their own way, but I am at a point in my life where I need to jump into something wholly for myself. I was feeling a bit off last week and spent a good hour searching the web for whatever came to my mind. Initially, I started out ogling photos of happy people on nice beaches, “fitspo,” inspirational quotes… all that Tumblr stuff that is cool to look at but makes you feel shitty afterwards.

I found this website called Tiny Buddha. I can not explain my love for this page in words, so if you care to know, head over there and do a little perusing. To make a long story short, there are contributing writers who share deep stories and real inspiration: many of which had non-motivated lives prior to an epiphany or awakening of some sort.

James McMurphy had the most powerful post of all. 6 Powerful Questions That Will Change Your Life Forever got me thinking on an entirely level, delving deeper into my true self interests. I set aside all the people, things and situations that consume me presently to focus on what  exactly that I want to do in this life. So I started taking notes, and the notes gave birth to tinier notes, side notes, notes that were taking up every inch of my notebook. My free write was so free-flowing that it turned into lists: what have I accomplished, what do I want to accomplish, what would I do with a million dollars?

His first question was all I really needed to ask myself. What do I absolutely love in life?

Animals. I love them all equally, but when my dog got sick last month, I felt an intense desire to help them, but how? Do I have it in me to go to veterinary school, especially after years of college in a completely different field? Could I see animals die in front of me? Could I put them down? What are my alternatives?



MusicI am the most happy when I attend a concert, or live a weekend at a festival. The energy, the people. Being immersed in music is something I want to be a part of always. Luckily, I have the right degree and the passion. However, trying to land a job working for a big-name festival seems impossible. The best part of a gig like that? It’d get me out of Connecticut.



TravelMy truest passion is reading about culture and experiencing new places. More than anything in this world, I need to get out in the world; I want to eat creepy delicious food and learn a new language. I thought about Habitat for Humanity, but what I’m really looking for is the opportunity to finally get free and explore beyond The United States. What are my options? Serious question.



One of my favorite people to follow on Instagram is a model of sorts… who isn’t on Instagram? Anyway, she just went from Machu Picchu in Peru (my ultimate go-to destination), to Easter Island to Iceland. I mean, really? Looking at stuff like that just makes me sad, because I have no idea how people make it work.

If I have learned anything in the past 26 years of growing up and molding into a functioning human with interests and opinions, it’s that I know nothing at all. The only way I could really feel fulfilled, I believe, is if I can understand more about culture by way of my own two feet and my own two eyes.

I must admit, however, list-making the other day was fun. I learned a lot about myself through that process alone. I was able to look back at my notes and generalize the type of person I think I am, and what I really want for myself. But until I resurrect those notes into action, that’s really all they are, a scribble of words of things I dream to become.


Emancipation Proclamation: Summer 2014

As Memorial Day rolls in and we continue making plans for summer, it is important to set off this most glorious season on the right foot. The only way to do that is by letting go of all the inhibitions that have held you back in the past.

Free yourself of the stresses that bogged you down in the cold winter months – or ever. I truthfully believe that setting up a proclamation of sorts is a good start to self-helping yourself into a happy and mentally healthier new month.


Care less about the opinions of others

I have a 22 year-old sister so I know how “drama” works all too well. Once we graduate from high school the gossiping should stop, yet sadly it exists no matter the age. Whether we feel subjected to only hearing about others’ personal lives or we are the ones being victimized by petty gossip, there’s only one solution: let it go.

Don’t participate. 

Coworkers, classmates, friends or family, it’s easy to get sucked in, but it only ever brings trouble. And if you are the one who people seem to be talking about, who cares? Leaving it alone will help it disappear, promise. If you make it a point to defend yourself to everyone who has a hateful opinion, you will drive yourself mad. You can’t make everyone like you. Keep your close friends… close. That’s all you need and you know it. large (3)

Keep doing what you want, and if you haven’t thought of yourself first in years, start today. Take this summer as one grand opportunity to explore hobbies and interests you have always put aside on account of other people- or our biggest excuse: lack of time.

You owe it to your fabulous self to be happy always. It’s hard as hell to stay stress-free and for most of us that will never happen. But we can try. I really suggest to everyone reading this to make a Life List. Click the link and take a look at what it’s all about.

I must say that I could personally blog way more than I have been. Part of my summer proclamation is to write, document and share my experiences with the world wide web as much as possible.

Happy Memorial Day to all my fellow Americans!




The Struggles of Being a Senior Dog: Emma’s Story

It has been nearly two weeks since my 13 year-old dog, Emma, had her first Grand Mal Seizure.

What we think is a lab and Schnauzer mix, Emma has been healthy her entire life. Randomly, after Easter Sunday, she got extremely ill. She wanted to spend most of the time laying under the shade of our hedges, refusing water, food, and… she was vomiting. Of course, my sister and I coaxed her into the car and to the emergency vet.  securedownload

$400 dollars later we were told she could have a number of things wrong, but nothing could be said until she had a full-body scan. This would cost us, on the spot, over $1500 dollars. She was severely dehydrated, so vets ran fluids through her and administered a general antibiotic. We had to discuss the money aspect of getting tests, so we took Emma home until a decision was made. The vet gave us a list of suggested dietary changes and a pamphlet on what to look for in a dog with certain diseases.

That next evening she had a Grand Mal Seizure. This was by far one of the most frightening things I had ever witnessed. Once the seizure ended, I panicked. Emma’s legs were not working and was too heavy  for any of us to pick up. I was able to find a mobile veterinarian who came to our home at 1 a.m.  I was feeling insane guilt about not leaving her at the previous veterinarian.

Money was no longer an issue. We ran more tests and had Emma stay overnight at with the hollisitc animal home. The veterinarian was a wonderfully caring woman, she comforted us all as much as she comforted Emma. I cannot thank the existence of mobile vets enough.

Pancreatitis, or a severe inflammation of the pancreas, was the culprit for Emma’s heavy panting, discomfort, and vomiting. Diets too rich can cause nausea and painful stomach bloating. We were told to put her on a bland diet of chicken and rice for four days, then ween her off to dry, natural food only.


For the two days Emma was away, I was an absolute wreck. The vet did tell us there was a possibility that my dog had a brain tumor, which made me lose it even more. The ultimate cause of the seizures is still unknown. It could have been triggered by her Pancreatitis getting worse, or not. I didn’t want Emma to suffer. Euthanasia was impossible for me to fathom, but it was something I had to consider.

Turns out the Phenobarbital (anti-seizures meds) she has been taking are working. If she has two seizures a month, it’s not something to worry about entirely. Any more than that is a sign that she is at her end. Sometimes she gets a bit lethargic, but she still oftentimes exudes the spunk and happiness she’s had all of her life.

Emma is my first dog. There is truly nothing in this world I cherish more than having an amazingly loyal animal friend by my side all the time. After 13 years I still find myself loving her more every day.




Starting Now: Summer Prep 2014

Every vacation, whether it be a weekend getaway or a week-long excursion, I know the best way to begin planning and packing are the same- make a list! I am huge on writing out literally every possible thing I need. Then, when my suitcase is open, I go down the list and check off the item. I think from head to toe, nail filers to hair-ties and leave-in-conditioner. While all the small stuff, especially for us women, is as important as the plane tickets themselves, there are some things that need time to get. Rushing around last-minute is the worst.

However, what’s most important for pre-summer planning this year is actually a bunch of random stuff. Lately, I have found myself cruising the internet in some subconscious vacation mindset, robotically marking down stuff I need (but mostly want) for my busy summer months ahead.



A home away from home

You never know what kind of plans your friends may come up with on a whim. A tent is an essential recreational item to own. If you ever want to just pack up and ship out for a long weekend- for little to no cost- a tent is an investment worth making.

My friends and I are going shopping for a new tent to kickoff our festival season, which starts with Bonnaroo on June 12th. We went to Walmart for our previous tent, which technically got the job done, but after two years of use, we realized that splurging a bit will pay off in the end.

They range in all types; some sleep as little as one person, and some sleep over ten. We are only looking for a 4-6 person sleeper, but the key here is getting one that allows us to stand-up. There’s nothing  like getting dressed on the ground because you’re hitting your head on the ceiling…

Our prospective tent for festival season 2014

  • $179.99 4-sleeper, 2 room 10×8 at BJ’s Wholesale

Maybe I’m being a little diva given the purpose of a tent, but, those colors are way too Miami Dolphins for this New England fan. I’ll have to see if there is a similar one in, let’s say, purple?



A good pair of sandals

I have not been able to find a comfortable pair of sandals in a long time. Maybe ever. All I ever wish I had during concerts and outdoor events is that my feet didn’t hurt. I want nothing plastic and definitely no flip-flops.So as much as it pains me to drop a ton of money on shoes, what kind of girl am I? I know that I have to do my feet a favor this summer. I Google’d the very cliche, “hippie sandals” and the Birkenstock website came up. I’m going with the name and reputation here, so I will order when the extra money falls on my lap.

You likey?

  • Birkenstock’s Yara sandal in Tobacco Oiled Leather $120.00



A fresh hairstyle

Guys or gals, we all know there is no better feeling than having a good hair day. I don’t go to the salon all the time, but I’m constantly dying my hair, especially seasonally. So before the summer months come rolling through, I recommend spunking up your style with a new color or cut. I have been every color before, but for this season I’m going back to blonde. Not Barbie-licious, just something relatively natural. My hair hates me when I do this, but reinventing yourself in any small way is a great confidence boost. No, really. A makeover is the best medicine!

What I’m going for. Yay or nay?

$ Who knows! Fingers crossed my girlfriend who works as a hairdresser hooks it up (I hope she sees this!)




A beach body

I do not think I will have my ideal beach body by any means. However, prepping for summer means prepping our bodies most of all. There is definitely still time to shed some pounds and feel better about the way you look in shorts and tank come June. Sign up for the gym and make it a point to go. Or just run around your local high school’s track. Lay on your bedroom floor and do crunches, or planks. It’s free! If anything, you have this next month and a half to get rid of at least the bloat. The gym sucks. There’s no two ways about it, but I always feel grateful for it afterwards.

$ Free at your home/outside. $10-30/month at your local gym. 

large (2)


And don’t forget to take care of:

  • License renewals and driving tickets. Nothing could possibly start (or end) your vacation like finding out you had a warrant out because you forgot to pay those five parking tickets. Oh yes, Mr. Policeman will remind you… and most likely take you in.
  • Passports. Those take time to process and secure.
  • Car issues. Hold off on the oil changes. I mean if your check engine light has been on for the past month, maybe bring it in? If not for the sole fact that your car has a boo-boo, but because you don’t want that boo-boo to get worse the moment you set out on the road with friends in tow.

The Chronicles of Getting Old: Vol. 1

Here I sit writing this post, feeling pain in a few different spots on my body. Yep, I have a large ovarian cyst and gallstones. Not only am I worried about going through surgery again (because I’m a wuss), but because I worry that more people like me will leave their pain undiagnosed thanks to doctors who shrug off our complaints as nothing unusual. That’s what happened to me. gynecologist

Early last week I had intense shooting pains in my uterus area. Sit tight men, I won’t go into graphic detail. Anywho, I called my [new] gynecologist and scheduled an appointment for the next day. For over a year and a half I have been off my father’s insurance and without any of my own. Finally, when I applied for Obamacare and was accepted, I was given a limited amount of doctors to choose from. I went to Planned Parenthood for my check-up. Now, I’m not knocking PP, because I am grateful to have any type of health insurance. However, the doctor barely touched me (no ultrasound, either), and told me the pain was just temporary and could have been from one of three reasons:

1. My birth control was causing pain (that happens?)

2. I didn’t properly achieve an orgasm which caused unrest and tension in my lady bits

3. A penis disrupted my cervix

The first two seemed highly unlikely to me, and, well, I doubt a penis would cause this kind of pain (nausea and shooting pains which inhibited walking or sitting up for hours). She didn’t even tell me what to do about it, I just figured that most likely meant Advil and rest. I knew as I was walking to my car that I had to get a second opinion.

How I feel about all of this

How I feel about all of this

I have had problems in the past with ovarian cysts. In 2006 I underwent surgery to remove two and never want to relive that recovery again. But now it is  happening again. I called my healthcare provider for a list of other doctors and immediately scheduled a complete pelvic and abdominal ultrasound (per their suggestion).

I am waiting for the results of my blood test later this afternoon, and praying there’s nothing new to add to all of this. My primary will then tell me how they want to go about removing the gallstones and the cyst.

Now that I’m getting older, I am starting to realize the importance of literally everything health-related. I smoke cigarettes and I drink alcohol. While my eating habits have been getting much better, I know that staying up until 3 a.m. partying will have repercussions on my body… and no one is immune to disease or cancer.

My point here is not to complain about getting old, although it is a shitty feeling. It’s to let it be known that doctors are humans, and humans make mistakes. Also, if I may say so, some doctors just suck. If I listened to that PP doctor and tried to mask the pain via Ibuprofen, who knows what could have happened. By my understanding, gallbladder issues left untreated can lead to serious problems, cysts that erupt are also very dangerous. I didn’t even feel pain in my side, so perhaps this all was a blessing in disguise.

I need to find a mutual meet-up spot for my relatively youthful side and the respect my body deserves. We all need that balance, no matter if we are 17 years-old or seventy. Depending on how this all pans out, maybe this was the kind of wake-up call I needed.


Tell ‘Em Why You Mad: Arcade Fire Edition

I remember when Arcade Fire beat out Lady Gaga, Eminem and Katy Perry for Best Album at the 2011 Grammy Awards, I asked myself, “who the hell is this band?” and then proceeded to find out. 

I wasn’t surprised that I loved their rock album, The Suburbs, and when their latest, Reflektor, dropped this past October, I wasn’t shocked that I was into that one either.

Tuesday night I saw the Canadian indie rock group in Bridgeport, Connecticut. My hometown, woop-woop! The tour has had a dress code of either formal wear or costume. I’m guessing here but I would assume that less than half the crowd was in either.

My friend and I in our costume/formal attire.

My friend and I in our costume/formal attire.

Nice size arena, and although I initially heard they had sold the venue out, it looked relatively empty. I did buy my tickets half-off on Groupon. I must say the lack of audience was surprising, because when lead singer, Win Butler, began to play a snippet of John Mayer’s Your Body is a Wonderland, throwing digs at the Bridgeport native’s music, I thought out loud, “at least he could fill up this venue.”

And he did back in December when I saw him at that exact arena, filled from every corner.

So maybe I’m bias because of my everlasting love for John Mayer, but that alone made me hate the band (which had an astounding 10 people on stage). It’s not like I will magically unlike all the songs I have grown to enjoy, but I won’t voluntarily play them anymore. What? I’m sensitive.

CT native, John Mayer, takes the front page in 2003. Yes, I kept it.

CT native, John Mayer, takes the front page in 2003. Yes, I kept it.

They sounded good live, yes. I’ll give them that. But as soon as you take away from your own show to focus on the music of others [negatively] then you’re showing me you can’t just give the audience a good time without being stupidly immature.

“… It’s either Hatebreed or John Mayer, neither of which we like very much, so we chose John Mayer.” Hilarious.

“The words are the worst part,” Butler said, as Mayer’s song blared through the loud speakers. “I remember telling him, ‘I think you’re the worst guitar player in the world,” Butler remarked again, as the crowd erupted in laughter. Besides me, of course.

Wednesday's paper.

Wednesday’s paper.

Before the show I was actually reading this article that was a pre-cursor to my newfound disdain towards the band. Butler compares himself to Nirvana and The Cure. He goes on and on about their music being different and hard for people to accept, when he says:

“… our band feels in a similar position to a band like The Cure before alternative music really happened. We’re the weird band in this more mainstream context, a little bit of the black sheep, you know?”

Because black sheep usually win Grammys and headline Coachella….

[end rant]


Food & Fitness & Staying Inspired, Oh My!

In honor of my new (serious) quest towards a healthier lifestyle, today’s post is a tiny mash-up of the things I have grown to like, like… so much.

tumblr_mus6wllTiW1qftbz5o1_250With the help of Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, I’ve been able to lose five and a half pounds in a week. Yep, the internet is my best friend lately. There are oodles of inspirational blogs that have kept me exercising, shopping and cooking for myself daily. I am lucky enough to have the free time to do so, but if you don’t, there are so many ways to start your own journey, too.


I have been signed up at the local gym for over a year now, and make it a point to go at least three days a week. I hate working out. I don’t think I will ever be the kind of person who looks forward to a run. However, I realize that in order to feel how I want to feel, and subsequently look how I want to look, a run is usually necessary.

My routine varies when I go to the gym except for one thing: I always do cardio. I prefer to do 30-45 minutes on the elliptical, which could get me up to 4.5 miles. I sincerely feel that without it, I wouldn’t see any results whatsoever. Here comes that annoying “healthy person” thing to say: I feel so damn good after. I learned that once you get into the routine of doing cardio, it becomes so much easier to physically allow your body onto one of those machines! Eventually you’ll learn to sort of love it, which is why I have been doing it for a year faithfully without seeing insane results on my body.

That’s where diet comes in.


Everything I’ve eaten these past seven days are completely natural or single-ingredient foods.

All my life, my father has gone to the grocery store almost daily. He buys dinner’s ingredients fresh instead of stocking up. Frozen meat is practically a sin to him. So when I had to start shopping healthier for myself, I carried on the traditions of my father. There’s something really fun about picking out fresh produce and seafood. Who the hell has time for that, right? If you don’t then my health frenzied peoples on the world wide web are really great at helping you plan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for five days a week.

Here are some of my favorite meals that have gotten me 5.5 pounds lighter in seven days.

| Breakfast |  Poached eggs and strawberry slices, glass of all natural apple or orange juice. If I decide to sap up the yolk with bread, I skip bread for lunch. I have only allowed myself to consume wheat bread twice this week.


| Lunch | Turkey, tomato, onion on one slice of whole wheat bread with non-fat chive cream cheese spread. Avocado or apple slices. A big ol’ glass of water. My second non-bread option is salad. If you put enough yummy stuff in there, it will hold you over until dinner. Fresh arugula is insanely delish. Toppings: dried cranberries and walnuts, olives, scallions, blue cheese crumbles and oil and vinegar.

| Snack | My go-to snacks: cashews, apple slices with vegan peanut butter, unsalted rice cakes with cinnamon, banana slices mixed with blueberries and oranges

| Dinner |  This has been varying all week. Salmon tartar is my ultimate, topped with avocado, with a side of broccoli or grilled eggplant. I’m more likely to steam chicken, add some pan-seared mushrooms, or you can include any number of vegetables as its side. That’s the beauty of this, you can choose what suits you… your options are near limitless.


Another favorite that’s packed with flavor? Friday evening I baked a butternut squash (30 minutes at 375 degrees), and stuffed it with garlic Quinoa, sauteed yellow bell peppers and onions, and lean ground beef topped with diced tomato. Unbelievable.


Tomorrow evening, I am making pesto encrusted salmon. If you want the recipe, (and to know if it tasted any good), be sure to check the sarah On The Go! Facebook page Thursday morning for pictures and more!



As I said earlier, Tumblr is the place to stay motivated if you otherwise have a hard time staying that way. Here are some awesome pages that are chalk-full of recipes, grocery lists, exercise ideas and photos galore.

I have found that looking at pictures of healthy food concoctions on these websites has kept me going completely. When I used to start diets before, I never knew what to cook myself, what to snack on, or how to even shop for myself.

Oh, I must mention. I have had no soda and only one beer this entire week. Dropping those two beverages alone has most likely aided my first week’s weight loss greatly.

Tumblr Inspiration:

Healthy Weight, Healthy Living

Healthy Life

Fuck skinny, let’s get fit

100 Pounds 100 Days

Not Another Healthy Food Blog

Fitness Inspiration Pro

From there, there are 1000’s of more blogs with inspiration. Looking at it once or twice a day, taking notes for your trip to the store later or learning a new workout, it all can really help. If I can do it, seriously, anyone in this world can. Promise! 


3 Things I’ve Been Doing Besides Blogging

Saying I have slacked off from posting on this site is an understatement. It’s just a dull and boring February. I do intend to post more because I love having a blog to discuss whatever I want, and I love reading your comments. Next week I’ve got a few more sexually-fueled topics to cover, like a follow-up to last year’s, “Living Vicariously Through You: Sex & The Strange,” which has been one of my most viewed posts ever! 

Fortunately for my sanity, warmer weather is just around the corner, and with that comes lots of outdoor adventures. So until then, what have I been doing? 

3. Seeing mediocre 3D movies

Don’t get me started on the capacity of which I love Kit Harington. For all you Game of Thrones freaks out there, he plays Jon Snow, and actually is a really good actor. I support him in whatever he does because I am, admittedly, a massive fan girl of the curly-haired Brit. However, dare I say, Pompeii was bad. 

First and foremost, Kiefer Sutherland completely threw me off. What casting director thought it was ideal to cast him as a Roman senator? I appreciate him as an actor but not in this type of film. Better yet, who came up with 3D movies so I can punch them in the eyes for two hours, because that’s how I felt leaving the flick. 3D glasses do not make the quality of the film any better, or any more fun.

I’m straying off topic…

Basically I can’t get down with movies where two people fall in love all within ten minutes and then when they are forced to stay apart from one another we are suppose to feel sad for them. Mount Vesuvius, the legendary volcano that destroyed the city of Pompeii in 79 A.D. in and of itself is a very interesting story. In the movie it was second only to Kit’s glowing abdomen. I must say that as it erupted and turned everyone in its path to scorched corpses and ruined existence to mere ash, I was nerding out. Everything else, with the exception of Kit Harington, was not so great.

MORE storytelling, no 3D goggles, and an R rating would have made it pretty badass.


2. Dieting & Cooking

Yeah, they actually do go together! I want to drop 30 pounds in three months, but before you go immediately to the comment section to tell me I’ve lost my mind, hear a sista out. I drink a lot of beer, I enjoy soda with dinner and I eat like shit. So when I say 30 pounds, I mean it. I am aiming for 10 pounds of month, and this is all on a very strict diet. securedownload

I’ve got a lot of great recipes lined up with the help of Tumblr and Instagram. This time around I am only eating clean food. All the chicken, eggs, and fish I get is organically fed, cage-free, etc. Besides that, I am only consuming real food, nothing processed whatsoever. I actually have been enjoying eating avocado without sugary aids a la guacamole.

Anyone with recipe ideas is more than welcome to help me out. So far, I’ve found that cutting up fruits and veggies and using them as a salsa-like topping for steamed chicken or salmon has been absolutely delicious. The only downfall to all this is… shopping healthy is damn expensive!

1. Netflix & the return of my shows

I started a handful of new shows recently and some of my old loves have finally come back. It’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, but recently I’ve focused my attention towards whatever Netflix has to offer.

tumblr_mkck5aVLP61qav174o1_500Bates Motel is so damn good. Anyone else out there watch that? I really love the premise: a mother and son in an oddly close relationship who try to start new in a town by buying out an old motel when everything just goes awry. The story is of a young Norman Bates. Anyone who loves Psycho would most likely appreciate this show. The new season starts Monday on A&E.

The first season of FX’s The Americans was a trial run for myself and many of my friends. Most weren’t into it and decided not to watch the season two premiere that aired this past Wednesday. Mistake. What an epic first episode.

Two Russian KGB spies (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) are planted in Washington D.C. during the Cold War. Their work is to raise a family, work a “normal job” and do, you know, spy stuff. There’s violence, lots of sex, and a ton of great plot. This is the only show on television right now that brings suspense to a new meaning.


If you are going through this wicked cold winter like I am in Connecticut, you’ll know there really isn’t much to do outside of the house. sarah On The Go is going to have so much pep in the warmer months, I would like to think I’ll be pushing out three posts a week. Until then, I’m off to make myself quinoa stuffed squash and see what’s just been released on Netflix!


sarah On The Go! has mostly been immobile due to that stuff…. that ugly, horrible, white stuff.

Snooping: Who Really Wins?

Snooping is not for the faint of heart. When we were younger, poking around was fun. I did it all the time to my sisters; I read their diaries and listened quietly on the other end of the phone to learn juicy middle school gossip. All was innocent and youthful meddling. But should we cut ourselves off from snooping at a certain age, or a particular point in a relationship? That answer depends on if you are emotionally ready to handle whatever you may find.

Trust is a top-ranking quality we look for in friends and potential significant others. If we feel we do have trust in our partners, what still gives us the urge to look through phones, attempt password hacks, or delve into a full-fledged Facebook investigation? I still do a little snoop action from time to time. Situations oftentimes trigger me to inquire further information; a habit I’d like to let go.

The strangest thing about snooping is that when we are in the act, there is almost this sick part of us that wants to find something wrong. We want some kind of twisted validation for spying on the man or woman we love. Which leads me to this story my girl friend, Jane*, was telling me over dinner on Saturday night.

She has been intimate with her good friend for over a year, but they are not exclusive to one another. I know him well and from what she tells me and from what I see, the two of them really care about each other. Jane feels completely fulfilled by this guy, physically, so she does not date around or engage in sexual activity with others. What he does, neither I nor Jane know.  checkingbfcell

So when she told me that she was able to get into his phone one night after he fell asleep, I knew the rest of the conversation was going to suck. I nervously chugged my glass of wine because I am somewhat awful at relationship advice.

Jane read a group text message between her guy and his two friends (whom she had never met). The guy who Jane had been in love with for over a year was telling his friends about an intimate encounter the two of them had engaged in. The random sexual romp was unique, so she knew it was about her, and upon reading more, that thought was solidified when he quoted something in particular she had said before the action went down. The kicker was when he referred to her as “this chick.” He followed the story with “hahaha,” comparing it to some high school memories, in which his friends responded with an over-abundance of LOL’s. One friend concluded the pathetic conversation saying he “remembered those days.”

Jane cannot say anything to her guy because then he will know she snooped through his phone, violating his privacy. On the other hand, she feels violated and disrespected. Not only do his friends not know about her, but a private moment they had mutually enjoyed was being championed around like a victory some frat boys would high-five over. When is it time to stop kissing and telling? Is it still okay to share tidbits of sexy gossip if it is done respectfully; by referring to your lover by who and what they truly are?


My 2 qualms with this tacky text:

He's 28 years-old. 

There is no reason for a man his age to be engaging in teenage-like group texts. He should have more respect for her as a woman, and as a friend. There is an age when we need to leave behaviors behind, and gossiping, especially for a guy, is an insane turn-off.

He says one thing and does another

Jane told me they are in love and profess this to each other regularly. Does comparing high school sex to the sex you have with a partner you look in the eyes and claim love for qualify as such?


Was it wrong for Jane to look through her man’s phone? If they are not in an exclusive relationship, does that give him the right to discuss whatever he would like with his friends? And more importantly, how does Jane move on from thinking that she is just a chick who wanted to please someone she loved by being spontaneously sexual?

Snooping can be emotionally dangerous; it is a type of self-inflicting pain that draws us in time and time again. However, most people who do it feel it is necessary for whatever reason. Whether we continue to give in to these acts depends on how confident and comfortable we are in our relationships. Maybe when we find ourselves needing to know more, we should just know to move on.

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Life List #98 Complete: Sending a Smile to Ruby

On December 28, 2011, I decided to take part in a type of bucket-list style quest that allows me to seek out adventure, compassion, education and self-discovery all before September 14, 2014.

What is called a “Life List,” I constructed 101 activities to engage in and complete before its time expired in 1,001 days. The most intriguing part of the Life List is that I get only an allotted time to complete 101 activities, which is famore realistic than a bucket list. I don’t even know what I’m doing in five years! 


Number 98 on my list is to become a pen pal to a child overseas. With only 8 or so months to complete my list, I decided to start the year with this one in hopes that it will inspire me to act for others before I move on to those which focus on myself and my own happiness.

I did my research last week and found a bunch of sites that gives people of all ages and races the opportunity to become pen pals, but one in particular caught my attention.

Post Pals is a charity that focuses on bringing smiles and support to seriously ill children living in the United Kingdom. Established in 2002, Post Pals allows the public to send cards, letters and even gifts to children who need warmth and escape through words and picture. In conjunction with Post Pals, I was able to read more about one young girl’s story through (The links are below!).

Ruby is a 6 year-old girl who is battling a rare condition called Pseudo-Obstruction, in which the bowels are blocked due to nerve or muscle problems. The intestines are unable to push food through, causing severe pain and an inflated stomach. Ruby has been dealing with her condition since birth.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

You can read all about Ruby’s brave story here and here.

So I decided to write little Ruby a quick note and include one of my favorite toys ever. I remember my first My Little Pony and the happiness it brought me for years. Actually, I still own it. So when I had to think of the perfect gift to send Ruby, I knew it had to be a My Little Pony. Luckily, these things are still being made!

I contacted Ruby’s mother and hope to know that my extremely small contribution has made her smile.

For more information on how you can give your own smiles to a sick child, visit PostPals. You can even send a post right on the internet!


(Left) My Little Pony circa 1991, (Right) Next Generation Pony!

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A Tasteful Take on How to Own Your Sexiness: New Year Edition

There’s a difference between embracing the true sexual nature of your being and just acting like your private parts are a 24/7 convenience store. The former speaks volumes about our personalities, positively. When a man or woman owns their body and swagger, it comes across natural, confident and beautiful… traits which are desirable for the right reasons.

Unfortunately, in these days, it is fairly easy to spot people who try too hard to be overly sexual. Those people should know as much as you and I that depth of sexuality is something you get from loving yourself and being open to change. While rampant promiscuity will get you some labels, sexy isn’t one of them.

So aside from losing weight and aspiring to get a better job in 2014, I suggest you try what I like to call “sub-resolutions.” In time, all will help you develop a healthier, sexier self image which will subsequently improve your love life.

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Learn the art of pleasuring thy self

There are three types of people: those who openly admit they masturbate, those who claim they never do it, and those who lie about. Not everyone is comfortable discussing such things, and that’s okay. But knowing that it’s completely normal to want to do it is a good first step. Nothing brings you deeper into your mind and thoughts than the power of personal touch. You know what you like and you know what makes you feel best. You don’t have to instruct anyone on how to do it, when to do it or where to do it. So why do so many women claim they never please themselves? Unless it’s something in your personal beliefs, there’s no reason not to explore yourself.

It’s your beautiful body and it holds so much potential for pleasure, and not just on a physical level. Sometimes it’s important to try to get yourself to that place by using just the power of your mind- no computer images or videos. When you learn to work yourself to the max, only then can someone else hold a light to what you already know you can accomplish on your own.

large (1)


Initiate romance

I personally feel that most women rely on their man to bring home flowers, take them out on a great date or even begin the bedtime fun. Obviously I can’t speak for all ladies, but it’s time to turn the tables and be the dominant one in the relationship if only for the night. Women and men both love to have a certain security in a relationship; physical, financial and emotional. If you find yourself the submissive member in the relationship, think how fun it would be to surprise your partner with something out of the ordinary.

Cook a meal or make a reservation, give a back massage followed by sex that you started. Breaking out of the shell of expectations and surprise yourself and your partner with something new and exciting. Maybe you will be showing your other half how invested you are in them, but all the while you are also building your self-worth. You are proving to yourself that you can hold it down for a night with seemingly no effort. I can promise that a whole lot of sexiness will come from just cooking a good steak dinner.



Embrace your sexual preferences

If you’re all there in the head (there are laws!) then go ahead and do that crazy, freak-nasty thing you saw on some website. Just because it’s porn or it’s online doesn’t make you some exception to the rule. You can do it, too. Have fun with the one you feel secure trying new things with. If you realize afterward that it’s more fun to just watch complete strangers do on the internet, you never have to do it again!  There’s no shame it exploring the capacity of your sexuality. Most of the time your partner will be willing to try it, especially if he or she knows you find pleasure in it. This sub-resolution especially applies to the women and men out there who are suffering from boring sex behind closed doors. If you’re not having sex in general, I’m not sure whips and chains will improve that. But if you are getting a little tired of the vanilla and want some Neapolitan, then go buy that ceiling harness you’ve fantasized about for a year… or maybe take it down 10 notches with some whipped cream. Not you or your partner should ever try to exceed boundaries, which is why you should do these things with someone you are comfortable with. When you are in control of the concept of how you deserve to physically feel, you graduate to a new level of sexy.



Sex yourself up

Without running the risk of attributing this particular “sub-resolution” to every synonym for classless, I must state that it’s absolutely acceptable to take a walk on the wild side with the vocab you use about yourself and how you want to be. Sexing yourself up means you are going to put on the outfit in your closet that makes you feel beautiful- whether it’s jeans and your favorite t-shirt with a red lip and some heels, or guys, if it’s that v-neck that shows the chest hair you’re always complaining about… embrace it.

Girls in short skirts and low-cut tops are fun to ogle at for time, but let’s be real for a moment. There’s been an average low of minus freeze-your-face-off-just-getting-the-mail lately. Those outfits don’t cut it in the winter, and in general, it’s kind of boring to see nowadays. Take all of your awesome personality and transform into a physical art form, expression through style. How you work what you wear, your hair, your smell, your walk… that moves mountains over a short skirt and ditzy personality. If you feel like you are the definition of what a supermodel should be, people will believe it, but most importantly… you fucking believe it. See how far it goes. Confidence is everything. 



The 4 Most Satisfying Moments of 2013

Each year has its share of pros and cons in the pop culture world. We lose some celebrities we love, others continue to annoy the masses with their vanity, yet all the while good television, movies and albums are released to ease it all up for us. For the remainder of year, I am going to be pumping out posts on the best and worst of everything twenty-thirteen. Feel free to add your most satisfying moment of the year in the comment box! 



4. Justin Bieber got caught with a porn star

For someone who doesn’t listen to that kind of music or “care” about barely legal pop singers, I am semi-ashamed to have this on my list. BUT, I can’t deny myself the pleasure of publicly bashing the most overrated pop singer of… pretty much all time. I hate this guy. Hate is a strong word, my mother used to tell me as a child, but it is so uber-suitable for how I feel for the Biebs. So when he got “busted” for hooking up with a triple-X vixen, I knew that at some point in my life I would love to post about it.

Maybe this vent-post isn’t so much for the hate I have for Bieber, but more for his fans. He’s got over 47 million followers on Twitter, and I swear to you all 47 million are incredibly sensitive about his personal life. If you saw his name trending that one fateful day in November, you’ll have read the most nauseating Tweets that ever graced social media. Yep, I guess it’s true. JB is just like us. He has… sex! But his fans were not having it. They were viciously attacking anyone who had an opinion on the matter. While Bieber’s agency tried to deny it and he has been super hushy-hush about the sexy romp that went down with Tati Neves, I find it beyond annoying that a cover-up is even needed.

It would’ve been way better if the girl said he pissed the bed in the middle of the night and woke up looking like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. Instead she blabbed about his sexual prowess, noting he was “well-endowed… good in bed…  looks good naked.” Hey, I’ll take what I can get. If Bieber-fever is lessened by the thought that their presh little monkey brain could possibly think of using his penis for what penis’ were intended for, all the more power.



3. Catfish: The TV Show made me sleep better every single night

Harsh title for numero four, I know. But if you have seen one episode of MTV’s hit show Catfish even once in your life, you know that sleep comes a couple minutes earlier because you aren’t engaged to someone you’ve been dating for 6-years online and never met. The show has been on since 2012 but this year brought the heavy hitters. I mean there are really people out there who fake cancer for an extra dose of text attention, people who endure year long relationships in order to reap justice to cheaters because they feel it is their “moral responsibility,” people who legitimately believe that rapper Lil’ Bow Wow is their longtime online love.

I’m not knocking online dating. I am just repulsed by season two of Catfish‘s stories. Use your head people of the world, if they don’t want to Facetime you, they are not real. On a meaner note, if she’s a Playmate, and you sit in your basement wondering if it’ll be Wendy’s, Taco Bell or McDonalds for dinner (every night), they are not real. Playmates don’t eat that shit, come on, bro.

tumblr_mrk02zj3FR1rchdowo1_500 tumblr_mrk02zj3FR1rchdowo2_500


2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

See it. Just do it.  When you’re done seeing it for the first time, ask yourself if seeing the first Hunger Games would help you understand the second, see the first one, then see Catching Fire again. I’m 26 years-old and I hate to love the fact that I am obsessed with movie and book franchises that are meant for teenagers. But in all honestly, The Hunger Games is a sadistic little mind f*ck that would be that  much better if it earned an R rating. I digress, not everything can show the bloody gore that makes up 80 percent of what I like to see in movies and read in books.

I must admit that I have only read the first book of the trilogy. But I’d like to scream a big ol’ shh to that. The only books that matter in my life are The Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones). You can totally make do without reading a word. Jennifer Lawrence with Josh Hutcherson alongside her in this sequel is downright great. The storyline, the acting, the production itself… wow. Maybe I’m fangirling hard right now, but it truly is a gripping story, with more emotion and honesty than the first flick, or pretty much any “teenage/young adult” oriented movie ever. Suck it, Twilight.




1. Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on the brink of kancellation

Since a massive ratings drop back in October, (viewership down over 40%), it has been rumored that the very thing that skyrocketed the whacko family into fame is about to be off our televisions for good. E! released as statement trying to counter the facts, but the facts are… no one is Keeping Up With the Kardashians anymore! Maybe it’s just me but turning my life off for a full hour to see the K-clan do another unnecessary photoshoot is not compelling TV. I could blog about my disgust with Kim K. for a lifetime, but when it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter. It’s coming to an end.

Or so I hope.


The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone

The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead was last night and it hit home on many different accounts. For one, I was a huge fan of The Governor. I am upset that he’s no longer with us, but of course, expected this day to come. I’m also hungover with sadness by the gruesome death of Hershel Greene. There are questions upon questions running rampant in my mind. The best I can do for you guys, and myself, is to make a few statements about last night’s key characters.

tumblr_mx6o1edLmq1s0sn5co2_500 tumblr_mx6o1edLmq1s0sn5co3_500 tumblr_mx6o1edLmq1s0sn5co4_500

Leave your thoughts below! 


I fell in love with this character last night when she got lippy with the Governor after he admitted to have taken two people hostages. The uncertainty of taking the prison was written all over her face (watch as the battle goes down and she hides behind the car door). I think this gives room for some hope that she will switch sides, not like there’s much of the other side even left. When Rick asked her, “is this what you want?” before The Governor hacked at Hershel’s neck, you could clearly see discomfort. I predict she will join the Grimes group in the second half of season four and become a strong female asset, alongside her sister Lilly, sans little Meghan.

“We’re not suppose to be doing this. He chopped a guy’s head off… with a sword.” 




After close consideration, I’ve decided that Lil’ Asskicker is still alive. Since the little girls, led by Lizzie, did not get on the bus, I believe the baby was grabbed by either some other Woodburian or Tara. The carrier she was in was not filled with blood, just a tad bit bloody. In the comic, Lori is shot while escaping with baby Judith and crushes her on the fall. Let’s just be happy we didn’t get to see all of that.




It was a painful scene to watch go down. Hershel had started off in season two as a vital character: he saved Carl’s life after being shot by Otis. He continued to play an important role for Rick’s group by letting them stay at his farm despite clearing the barn he kept filled with walker-family. He helped best he could with one and a half leg, utilizing his skills as a veterinarian and farmer. His death was brutal and slow, but one could almost predict it was going to happen for him last night. Outside of Maggie and Beth, Hershel’s death will have a lasting impact on Rick, who confided in the old man for advice and direction.




Faced with one of the toughest decisions yet, group leader Rick made the choice that decided the fate of dozens of people. He chose to stay, stood up to The Governor and stood his ground instead of hitting the road. He even tried to convince the opposing side that they could become leaders, and proclaimed that after The Governor destroyed Woodbury, they had been taken in and cared for at the prison. A very moving speech, indeed. But it didn’t work. Now would they have been allowed to leave the prison peacefully? It’s hard to tell, but I think The Gov would have killed them all anyway, especially Michonne. So did Rick make the right decision? That poor guy.



The Governor

A great psychopathic television character, Philip “The Governor” Blake finally met his demise last night. Some may say that his death was long overdue, but the way last night’s episode was composed, the wait was well worth it. Michonne got her revenge in an episode that reverted back to its comic-roots. I must admit that I will miss him dearly. The complexity of his character is unrivaled. No other character on The Walking Dead has been as mysterious as they have been openly hateful and sick-minded. David Morrissey did a fantastic job recreating one of Kirkman’s biggest comic villains. Who’s ready for Negan?



I wish I may, I wish I might

  • I firmly believe Lizzie is the person who killed Karen. So I’m hoping that once Tyreese finds out that it was Lizzie, he will be more accepting because she saved his life when Alicia was trying to shoot at him in the garden. He would have been dead if it wasn’t for those little girls.
  • Carol returns to the group.
  • Tyreese becomes a stronger male force.
  • Abraham is introduced in the second half of season four

I hate this part. You know, the part where we wait until February to find out all those burning questions. Last night’s episode finally used the original source material to finish off mid-season with a serious bang. The graphic novels are there for a reason, and I hope the writers see the success in “Too Far Gone” and decide to use those comics as a resource until the end of season four. I am happy to see they are leaving the prison behind and hopefully moving toward the next ruthless villain.

tumblr_mx5x4jnDAg1rkdiuxo1_250 tumblr_mx5x4jnDAg1rkdiuxo2_250 tumblr_mx5x4jnDAg1rkdiuxo3_250 tumblr_mx5x4jnDAg1rkdiuxo5_250

Off the Road Again: Post-Tour Depression

Every Phish show I have been to over the years impacts my life positively in some way. As the tour has ended, I find myself reflecting on the fun and friendships that I shared in for six of the twelve shows the jam legends played during their fall tour honoring 30 years of stellar music.

Most of us can admit we connect to music on a deep and meaningful level. However, for many people who have never been to a Phish show, it may be hard to understand the connection between soul and music in such a profound way. Some may even consider one’s passion for touring with a band strange, unfounded, or beneath them. I’m sure a few of us have heard it before, you know, the whole “I have a job… adult responsibilities,” schpeel which- I think- is supposed to make us feel unwarranted in our love for being on the road. The most common reaction to those misunderstanding the culture of Phish fans is that we just want to get fucked up; we build up the hype on a foundation of the scene: drugs, alcohol, debauchery.


It took a while for me to realize that who I am, not just what I enjoyed listening to, was the culture that embraces jam music. I love setting up camp at festivals and cracking open a beer, withstanding the elements for three days without running water, and immersing myself in a type of music scene that draws young adults and seasoned veterans the same. But at the end of the day, no festival big or small can ever compare to the energy of a Phish concert.

I was shown a video once called, “What Phish Sounds Like to People Who Don’t Like Phish.” Although the video initially was pretty funny, it was entirely inaccurate. The musical prowess of this band is unrivaled, and I say that in comparison of bands today and of bands past. While we can link other musical acts to a certain level of excellence and accomplishment, none align with the particular sound of Phish. And as a fan of new alternative music, while slightly different in genre, I have seen no promise of a musical act that can or will cultivate a following to such capacity.


Every note we hear, Trey, Page, Mike and Fish play wholeheartedly in a unseemingly methodically put-together song that is astoundingly surreal. They don’t just stand up on stage strumming, beating and tapping aimlessly at their instruments hoping that all 14 thousand people are too high to realize that what they are playing is actually any good.

I was lucky enough to get within 10 feet of the boys for the Saturday show in Worcester. I saw the raw emotion on Trey’s face as he took the band into an amazing journey through Sand. I witnessed the pure concentration on Gordon’s face as he stood there dropping bombs on the arena during Mike’s Song.

On that note, a slight to the haters: any educated or self-proclaimed music lover would know that there is no faking in Phish, there is no “everyone’s fucked up, play whatever you want and hope it fits” mentality. Every moment you spend inside a show is a purely emotional experience- it reverberates throughout the arena- executed by extremely talented musicians who want nothing less than the best for themselves and for their insanely devoted fanbase.

And if you are of said fanbase and you have nothing more to do post-tour than to bitch and moan about second set Halloween, then I suppose you invest your time in some other type of music, because there’s no room for your truly unwarranted hate. Everyone has an opinion, but if you are a phan and you’re complaining, then there’s something to be said for your commitment to the band; a band that has been known for all the beautiful differences that have set them aside from anything mainstream for thirty years. 

Admittedly, I was thrown off when I read the Phishbill upon walking to my seat. But honestly, what more could a fan ask for? Do I want to hear their rendition of classic rock staples, I mean, sort of. But the fact that fans in attendance were open to such admirable vulnerability of the band, in and of itself, was worth standing (and dancing!) through an hour and a half of songs I have never heard in my life. More over, did the complainers not hear 555, Fuego and Wombat? This is Phish 3.0. It’s here, it’s happening and you (and me) should be happy they still play… and at the very best they ever have.

Open your minds and expect nothing, and nothing can disappoint you. See you at Madison Square Garden this New Years. Fingers crossed for a very scary, dirty Guyute.


Below is a small gallery of photos, all taken by me! Worcester 10/25 & 10/26, Hartford 10/27 and the 3-night Halloween run in Atlantic City 2013

My Picks: 5 Best Horror Movie Kills

In spite of the holiday season, I give you my top five horror movie kills. The videos contain graphic content and I think even a little boob, so head’s up! Do share your opinions in the comment section below. 

large (1)


In the 1978 original by John Carpenter, a young Michael Meyers kills his older sister, Judith, with the horror movie go-to weapon, a kitchen knife, before being institutionalized for the murder. This scene may have been a simple stabbing to some, but the iconic slash-fest set off a hugely successful franchise that continually markets every generation of horror fans. The cult classic has had its share of kills over the years, especially in Rob Zombie’s take on the film, (2007), where young Mikey butchers not only his older sister and her boyfriend, but her mother’s boyfriend, and a school bully, all within the first quarter of the flick.  With a total of 10 Halloween movies, it is safe to say this film will continue to evolve over the years.


  • Rotten Tomatoes (original): 94%
  • Rotten Tomatoes (Rob Zombie): 25%

Here’s the clip!

Here’s the Rob Zombie version! 

(Worth the watch)


The Birds

The mere thought of being pecked to death by swarms of birds is enough to make me hate every adorable bluejay and cardinal that fly innocently around my house for all of time. For the most part, I do not think this can really happen. I’m not sure if Alfred Hitchcock knew that this book adaptation of the same name would be so wildly famous, but I only wish I had the brains to think of something so relatively simple, like birds, and have them go crazy enough to break through doors and windows. The kicker here… the important thing to remember about a film like The Birds, is it easily had the potential to be unbearably cheesy. I for one, have never really looked at large groups of birds the same since.

  • Rotten Tomatoes: 96%


Here’s the Clip!



Maybe she only lasted twenty minutes, but Drew Barrymore’s character Casey was the ultimate opening murder scene. What better way to set up a movie than by having a pretty young girl witness what her football stud-boyfriend’s entrails look like before having her stabbed to death and strewn from a tree for her parents to see? Its seemingly unoriginal concept- a serial killer on the loose whose identity is hidden by costume- proved scary and suspenseful with a much-appreciated splash of teenage movie humor to make it a fantastic date night thriller. I mean, I still have moments when the home phone rings and I get a little anxious. Anyone else? Bueller, Bueller?


  • Rotten Tomatoes: 80%

Here’s the clip! 


A Nightmare on Elm Street

Okay, maybe I’m a little off the charts here on this kill, but Johnny Depp forever holds a soft spot in my heart. The 1984 original by Wes Craven was Depp’s first acting gig… ever. The idea of being killed in your sleep while you dream by some burned-face freak with knives for fingers was so popular- raking in over 26 million dollars worldwide in the box office- that Nightmare on Elm Street movies are still being pumped out to date. Glen Lantz (Depp) died a death much different than the other victims on this last, and for that, it deserves a wee bit of recognition. Only a mind like Craven’s would think to pull a young man through his bed, tear him to shreds, then torpedo every last ounce of blood back through the mattress and onto the ceiling for a rather grisly death scene.

  • Rotten Tomatoes: 95%

tumblr_mbmahlxagI1ruod5co7_250 tumblr_mbmahlxagI1ruod5co8_250

Here’s the clip!



The shower murder in this 1960 Alfred Hitchcock classic is one of the most popular movie murders ever. The grim stabbing of Marion Crane in her motel shower by Norman Bates remains a staple in the horror genre, while Psycho remains a cult classic even seventy-three years later. Although we never get to see knife into stomach, the impact this has likely had on people who step into the shower every day is what makes this murder scene so brilliant. I mean, how many times can we chalk those creepy noises we hear mid-showertime-showtunes-get-down to “the house settling,” before we consider Google’ing where to buy a psycho-proof shower curtain?


  • Rotten Tomatoes: 96%

Here’s the clip!


sarah On The Go! pick for most upsetting kill

The 1974 horror flick based on true events was not only terribly sad, but also one of the more memorable murder scenes in real life to motion picture history. The movie opens up with the flashbacks of the incident that left six people dead after Ronald DeFeo killed his family: both of Ronald’s parents, his three younger brothers, and his younger sister Allison. The house, which was built on an ancient Indian burial ground, supposedly possessed Ronald and led him to carry out the gun-murders. Besides it being a true story, the part that gets me all teary-eyed is when little Allison is found by her killer brother in the closet and asks, “What’s wrong?” before he shoots her in the head. So maybe this can’t be considered the “best” kill, but it most certainly takes the cake for most upsetting.

  • Rotten Tomatoes: 24% (F*ck Rotten Tomatoes, definitely worth the watch!)

tumblr_inline_mprzvfMVjG1qeu0et tumblr_muqte5OjEz1rty9wvo1_500

The Evolution of Concert-Going: John Mayer Edition

My first time seeing John Mayer live was back in 2002 and a virtually unknown band known as Maroon 5 opened the show.

Friday marked my 11th year of seeing the pop-blues-jazz musician at the very venue where I popped my John Mayer cherry, The Comcast Theater in Hartford Connecticut.

The evolution of concert crowds could take a week’s worth of blog posts. For the most part, the demographics vary depending on a number of things: the genre of music, the popularity of the artist/band.  In short, it seems that as I get older, John Mayer’s fans get younger and with that grows a lack of old-fashioned concert-going respect.  While I appreciate that a younger generation appreciates the music of an extremely talented artist, I found it slightly irritating- well, maybe hugely irritating- that concerts (not just John Mayer) have become a cesspool of “cool kids” unknowingly or knowingly, depending on the level of “cool”, talking and screaming throughout an entire show.


John Mayer, despite a less than average reputation among those who are not fans, is a blessed guitarist and was given the gift of creating beautifully deep, relatable and oftentimes sad lyrics. There is no Justin Bieber in his blood which draws women in the masses screaming for his hand in marriage. And despite his short-lived fling with country star Taylor Swift, he does not possess the raw talent to assault eardrums with cheesey lovesick tunes and atypical pop beats. I do beg you to try his music and ignore everything you know about Your Body is a Wonderland20130817_243

So why was I surrounded by screaming, drunk off their parents’ liquor stash teenagers on Friday? My friend Chris and I were able to move up close and by the second song descended defeated to find a spot on the lawn. The two girls next to us were screaming the lyrics so loud that people from two rows ahead were turning around in confusion. In all honestly we had a hard time hearing John Mayer.

Now I’m not saying you need to keep quiet! Hell, I get down at my shows and sing along to myself and clap and shout when the time calls for it. There is a serious difference between respectful concert-going and being brusque and ill-mannered to the people who are trying to actually watch the show- especially the jamming! Um hello, those jam sessions are usually the best parts to shut up at, the best times to watch and listen to all the awe-inspiring strums and wails.

By all means, continue the party. Before and after the show I want to see tailgating, I want to cheers to fellow fans in excitement and I want to meet new people. But I don’t want to hear what your plans are after the show while the show is still going on.

20130817_244Just last week I was reading a discussion on Facebook about this very topic. A popular fan page for Phish had posted a status about whether or not excessive talking during shows is appropriate or whether it is rude. Majority seemed to have sided with the page’s views that yelling and screaming is not only impolite but it resembles the type of fan you really are to the band you are in attendance for. A handful fought back with arguments that concerts, more than anything else, is an occasion in which talking whenever is acceptable.

John Mayer’s show, per usual, was an amazing array of old and new songs. His new album, Paradise Valley, which was written with the influences of the Grateful Dead at heart and in mind, drops tomorrow.

So what do you think? Take the poll below!



The JM ’13 crew!

Update: Katy Perry Still Sucks

I don’t listen to current pop music anymore because it’s simply terrible. Also because I’m more of a  90’s classics girl… bumpin’ Mariah and Madonna from time to time. However, I do know how deep my disgust for pop-sensation Katy Perry runs.

Not only is she dating my number one music man, the incredibly talented John Mayer, but her fake-cutesy-sexy demeanor exudes through her always nakedness and cupcake-dress wearing facade. Not to mention her voice is reminiscent to NYC sewer rats at a Thanksgiving Day feast.

Well, I was checking out trending topics on Twitter when I woke up earlier and apparently celebrity news is saying the “I Kissed a Girl” pop-tard ripped off a song called “Brave,” by fellow pop singer (and a much lesser famous) Sara Bareilles.


Perry’s new song “Roar,” supposedly copies Bareilles’ “Brave”-  a song that was released three months earlier.

If you have the time, check out the two songs and make your own comparisons. The video for “Brave,” is not official and is simply a lyric video.

The comment section under this video link in which I learned of this travesty will give you a good laugh (granted you dislike Katy Perry as much as I do).

So, what do you think?

My Sh*t List: The Three Most Obnoxious Celebrities Right Now. Part II

In March I posted the first in what will be a multi-part series on who I believe to be the most obnoxious celebrities right now. I have a feeling there is potential here to have this blog reach Part 100 because from what I see celebs just don’t know how to chill out… ever.

My first edition included Anne Hathaway, Rihanna and Taylor Swift with runner-ups: Channing Tatum, Miley Cyrus and of course, Justin Beiber. As much as I want to throw the former Hannah Montana star in the top notch this time (solely for her horrific music video for “We Can’t Stop) I want to be fair for all the other contenders in La La Land.

I will always use a Kardashian for the header on this topic.

I will always use a Kardashian for the header on this topic.


Adam Levine

I won’t lie to you all on my own blog- or ever. I used to listen to Maroon 5. Way back in the day, almost 10 years ago, they opened for my favorite music artist, John Mayer. I got into them for a little bit and enjoyed their first two albums when Levine’s voice was more subdued. Now, I cringe at the sound of his voice. For so many bands like Maroon 5, their end was met after one or two hit songs- if that. Unfortunately for all of mankind, Maroon 5 has somehow managed to stick around, maintain wild success with nails-on-a-chalkboard like vocals from Levine and humiliating lyrics such as “Moves Like Jagger.”

Adam Levine also proves to be a huge, excuse my language, douchebag. Not only has he claimed plenty of times that he is a “sex addict,” but he also remarked that he “hates this country,” when one contestant was voted off “The Voice,” as opposed to the one he wanted to see go.

Some people can handle fame gracefully, but his ego clearly has gotten the best of him.


Zooey Deschanel 

She’s been on a secret shit list of mine for some time but I’m ready to finally open up to the world about it! The queen of heavy bangs and babydoll dresses has a wealth of fans and the same amount of haters- all seemingly for the same reason- she’s obnoxious! I understand her attractiveness but there is an undeniable quality of annoying in her voice alone. I totally get New Girl is a hit comedy on primetime television but would I ever dare sit and watch her try to be quirky, try to be cute… heck no. One thing that really gets me with her is that it seems she tries to be the guy’s girl- and if you have to try, you’re not.

Earlier this month she told Glamour magazine, “I want to be a fucking feminist and wear a fucking Peter Pan collar. So fucking what?” Maybe she has good intentions for the rights of women everywhere, but when you’re busy divorcing your husband (leadman of indie rock band, Deathcab for Cutie) because you got more famous than him, maybe you should wait until you have the time. head writer Mary Elizabeth Williams said it more correct than I ever could, Zooey Deschanel is “a role model to annoying girl-women everywhere.”

Zooey Deschanel

Amanda Seyfried

Maybe you won’t know her name right off the bat but I can help. She played Karen in Mean Girls, 1/3 of the clique: “The Plastics.” Oh, and she was in that little movie called Les Miserables.

You know what movie I found myself watching a couple weeks ago, Gone. She was in it. It was the only thing on in a hotel room with four channels. Never watch it… I won’t even go into details. That movie, along with an interview I saw with her on Chelsea Lately a couple of years ago are the reasons she lands third on this list.

Girlfriend cannot act. I mean… I am no actress, but I know when someone sucks at it. She has one facial expression always. She speaks in one tone of voice always. I’m getting mad just writing about her.

In the interview on Chelsea Lately she was explaining a tattoo on her foot: “Minge.”

“It means vagina and kind of proud of it,” she said. “It’s my nickname. You can’t see it, but it’s called Minge and it’s slang in England. It has something to do with your pubic hair in the dictionary.”

What the actual fuck.


Who are the runner-ups this time? I want to hear it from you guys!

A Post About Making Posts

It’s been too long since I have put up a real post. Something that means something. I hate that about myself, about January, and about having nothing to do; I hate when my website lacks material.

I am slowly but surely making notes in my journal of all the exciting events in the forseeable future that are more than blog-worthy. I miss hitting that “Publish” button and letting my weekend events be known from here to Indonesia. No, for real, I get a lot of hits from Indonesia. You guys rock!

Anywho, I’ve started to get out of this winter funk. Be it the new college semester or just the frigid winter air that snapped me back into my usually fun reality, but I have a lineup of posts just waiting to hit the world-wide web. They aren’t all about me either (and my “travels”), I have made a hearty list of topics to discuss about all things taboo, social and maybe even a few “10 Commandments” additions to my library of… two.

(Hey, you! Here are those links to the aforementioned.)

Until then, my friends and loyal readers. Bare with me. The best is yet to come.

Sending wonderful vibes your way today. 



A Very Phishy New Year: Volume 2

The last week of 2012 marked the second time I made it out to see Phish play their New Year run at Madison Square Garden in the amazing New York City. I went last year and after determining that there is no other way to spend the holiday, myself and good friend, Jonny, got tickets for two nights at the Garden.

This year alone I got to see the jam band giants at three different venues; Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, SPAC in Saratoga Springs, New York, and starting off with floor seats at their NYE opener on December 28th, only to close with nosebleeds the following day.


Photos courtesy of the band’s Facebook page



I have heard “phans” from all over the country tell me how many hundreds of shows they have seen. I can’t touch what they have seen, or the Phish knowledge they have acquired over the years. I will say that with under 10 shows now safely etched into my repertoire, there is no stopping me. I am definitely considered a new fan of the music, having only started listening to the band within the past two years. For a band that started in the ’80s, one could consider me late to the party.

I grew up on r&b and pop music, and now, after clarity found me at 25 years-old, I realized that hands-down, Phish and other jam-related bands (alongside my alternative rock) is the music that best suits who I am and what gets my ears off best. Who can hate on that?

So, Jonny and myself stayed at Hotel Pennsylvania on West 34th, which- luckily for drunk concert-goers- is directly across the street from MSG. I will refrain from going into detail about how we got lost trying to find our hotel at the end of the show. I mean…. that didn’t happen.

Below are just a few photos I took. The Green Mountain State quartet took MSG by storm. Their shows were so powerful you could practically see the energy floating in a vibrant rhythm above the heads of the fans below (that would be 75,000 fans over the course of the band’s run- according to Glide Magazine). I could have sworn at one point I could feel the floor shake.

Trey’s guitar playing pulsated through me in a way I never thought music could. I was so enlightened by the deeper vibrations of Mike Gordon’s bass, and still am when I listen back to the show. The keys of Page McConnell’s piano tap dance with color in front of me when I hear him going at it during Reba. The sound of Jon Fishman’s drumming slithers through me with delight; flows through me just enough to be able to simultaneously hear bass, guitar, piano, voice and practically melt to the floor that is dancing along with me.

Below are some photos I snapped but there is honestly nothing I could have taken that could describe the sheer pleasure of being at Madison Square Garden for their New Year’s ’12-’13 run. Not one thing.






20130101_17 20130101_41


For a complete NYE Phish setlist, visit here!

You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But I Did

The Rolling Stones played their fourth of five “50th Anniversary” shows in Newark, New Jersey last Thursday, and your girl was there to watch it all go down.

I was brought up on classic rock. My father, a down-to-earth, blue collared factory worker kept the classic rock radio stations turned up day in and day out. Granted I went through that typical “teenie-bopper” phase, I learned the music of greats like the Stones, Zepplin, Pink Floyd and countless others by the slight of my father’s hand.

I was invited to see the show by a good friend of mine and set off to Jersey via Amtrak. We started with a yummy Portuguese dinner at Campinos before heading to the Prudential Center. Not only were the Stones amazing, (Mick’s energy was through the roof), but my all-time favorite musician just so happened to be playing alongside them for one song. John Mayer. A wonderful guitarist and lyricist, Mayer is talented beyond his years. His personal life and supposed douche-baggery does not, nor will it ever affect how I see him as an artist. He was wonderful next to Mick and the gang, as he wailed on his guitar (his voice is on rest for the foreseeable future), for the track “Respectable.” I managed to keep still the entire song so to record it and subsequently post to YouTube.

Here are some photos, along with the setlist I gathered from that night. I wanted to post on this earlier but because of the Newtown ordeal, I wanted to give it a little time.




Setlist 12/13/12

  1. (with John Mayer)
  2. (Chuck Berry cover) (first live performance since 5 March 1977)
  3. (followed by band introductions)
  4. (Keith Richards on lead vocals)
  5. (Keith Richards on lead vocals)
  6. (with Mick Taylor)
  7. Encore:
  8. (with the Choir of Trinity Wall Street)


John Mayer & The Rolling Stones

Audience Swag: Ink Master Live Finale

Last night I headed down to New York City for the Ink Master live finale. I was apart of the audience as producers invited human canvases back to the show to cheer (or boo) on their artist, while watching the unveiling of the $100,000 dollar winner. My artist, Mark, was unfortunately not in the top final, but he was there.

So the girl who was seated to the right of me was not only batshit crazy with breath like a dragon on Sunday morning, but she was telling all about how Dave Navarro asked her to enjoy a romantic evening (having sex, I’m assuming) after the production of her particular episode. She had to be in her mid-40’s and dressed like a 20 year-old with a loud mouth and a bad dye job. Picture it. I love New Jersey, but they produce some real whackos. So after hearing about that for an hour before the show started, I- a huge Jane’s Addiction fan- saw Mr. Navarro walk out from behind the set. I was in the front row so I called him over and told him (again) how much I love the band and will be seeing them again soon. He is really a truly nice guy. Then I asked for a photo. The crazy lady took one for us and here it is, along with some other photos from the night.

Overall, being a small part of the Ink Master experience was one of the best of my life.



Three of the horror episode crew!

Three of the horror episode crew!


The set (I snuck this in)

The set (I snuck this in)





The winner, Steven Tefft- from my home state!

The winner, Steven Tefft- from my home state!


Chris Nuñez, top Miami tattoo artist and Ink Master judge. Yum!

Chris Nuñez, top Miami tattoo artist and Ink Master judge. Yum!



Oliver Peck, top artist from Texas and Ink Master judge


Holding Out for Hope: The Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

Newton, Connecticut is 15 minutes on one strip of road from where I lay my head at night. Connecticut has always been a pleasant place for me to grow up, get my education, and enjoy my life.

When I heard about Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday morning I was shattered. I could only think of the raw fear that rang through the small children who heard gunshots, had to hide in cabinets and closets, squeeze into their cubbies, and hear the screams of those face to face with the devil in flesh before their own lives were taken.

I, surprisingly, have no stance on gun control. I believe that arguing to take away our second amendment is a battle lost before it begins. I think where there is an evil person with a plan, there are no rules that will stop them.

As a journalist, I have found a new level of disgust in the way the media handled this ordeal. Interviewing traumatized children for a story that tops the rest does not exactly portray any journalistic ethics. I wish everyone would just turn off the news. It is not real.

There really is no reason to preach about mental health or gun control. I will leave that to bundles of Facebook “friends” and Twitter followers that believe they have all the answers, and answers that are more right than everyone else’s.

Connecticut is my home state, and Newtown was and will continue to be a beautiful place on the map. I have prayed and will continue to do so for the families of those who lost on Friday. God bless everyone who was directly and indirectly affected by this unspeakable tragedy.




Rocking From One Year to the Next

Already a week into December and people around me are frantically making plans for the new year. Yeah yeah, we know. 2013 is a brand new start; get skinnier, richer, better.

But hold on, poor little 2012 isn’t over yet! I still have a handful of things to do. Here they are [yes, this is a funky all-about me post that I wanted to throw up so you all could be inspired to finish out the year strong.]


The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Show

Yes, I’m actually going to their 50th anniversary show in New Jersey tomorrow night. I will be taking the Amtrak to Newark for dinner and drinks before what will likely be an epic performance by Mick and the gang. Although these tickets were super hard to get, my friend was able to score some. So Friday I will post a blog all about my experience, fully-equipped with photos of me showing off with a nice cold beer in my hand (hehe), and you can live vicariously through me.

The Stones at Brooklyn's Barclay center on Saturday

The Stones at Brooklyn’s Barclay center on Saturday


Ink Master live finale in Manhattan

A producer from the show called to see if I’d be interested in coming back for the show’s live finale on Tuesday the 18th. I was on the Spike reality show back in November and now I will be making my second appearance on television. At least the show starts at a time where consuming 2-4 whiskey drinks is appropriate. Nerves, people. I’ve got them.

Oh, and to make this story a bit cooler: I visited my artist from the show, Mark Matthews, last Thursday when he guest tattooed at Addicted to Ink in White Plains, New York. I look a wee bit disheveled in that photo (second down), but in my defense I was being tattooed for almost four hours!




Rockerfeller Center (NYC) to see the tree

You know, that big ol’ Christmas tree they ship from some Midwestern state and OD with lights. It’s a tradition, especially living so close (an hour) outside of Manhattan, there is really no excuse to pass this spectacle up. When with friends, even the blistering cold breezes passing from skyscraper to skyscraper don’t mean much at all.


From left: My boyfriend Alex, Chris, Sean, Jonny, Diana, me! 2011



Phish at Madison Square Garden

The best way to end a year and ring in a new one is accompanied by live music, surely. One of my best friends, Jonny and myself will be making another trek into the city for two nights of the jam-band giants. The almost annual show at Madison Square Garden is a four night run, but we are lucky to see them for two nights- having been fortunate enough to snipe tickets through the Phish ticket lottery back in autumn.


From left: Sean, Chris, Jonny, me! Phish 2011


So what are your plans before 2013 takes the reigns?

Wanted: A Swift Kick in the Ass

So far, November has been just another month of the year, but after my weekend in Atlantic city, in which I lost too much money, it is time to prioritize.

After a pretty shitty semester at school in terms of figuring out my career-destiny, I decided to switch my major from journalism back to communications. I cannot see myself doing hard news investigations for the rest of my life, I realized that after hating being on the school newspaper. Dateline, lead, report facts, blah, boring, no.

If anything I wanted to write about music and entertainment news, but since I was not given a chance to, I moved on. I don’t have time to waste doing shit step-by-step anymore. I want to graduate.

So in light of my recent frustrations in school and at the casino, I have put together a list of 3 things to achieve by this month’s end. If you feel you can offer any advice, do tell. Lord knows I will need it.


1. Get a friggen’ diet/exercise plan in order

I started following Italian fitness guru, Bella Falconi, on Instagram and now I am so fucking inspired it hurts. Her body is serious. It’s not like I have never seen a fit woman in my life, but she is so beautiful I want her lifestyle. I have enough time to spend a few hours f my day at the gym every day. I have become lazy and lost all my love for athletics. I do not want to spend any money on a dietitian or personal trainer. I believe I can start this up on my own with enough research and dedication. It really is hard to cut down the foods I love. I will give myself until December to make a plan, then I’m going to push myself to the max for my ideal body.

2. Figure out student loan, finances like a pro

What a huge ouchie this weekend was. I do not remember when I started to think I was some casino extraordinaire  but that thought has long been maxed out with the $20’s I fed to the slot machines. I have been living on a serious whim the past couple of months, spending frivolously whenever and wherever I want. The truth is, I feel like living for today is the only way to live. I hate that cliche so much, but it has worked in my ongoing life quest for fun fun fun. However, the party is sort of over, I need to buckle down. How do I do this? I have zero experience.

3. Revamp, replan, my blog

I have slacked with sarah On The Go! over the past few months and that is just not all right. I want it to be more exciting, colorful… meaningful. I want to cover the things that are always on my mind; music, movies, television, things that piss me off, things that make me happy. I used to do this all the time, what happened? Every day something happens, I cannot always be on vacation! By December 1st, this site will have a new look and feel; that same look and feel that got me Freshly Pressed and attracted readers from around the world. I have a great medium here, all of us bloggers do, time to utilize it to the max.

Those were the days…

My Cable Television Debut

Back in early summer I had applied via internet for a tattoo competition reality show, Ink Master, on the Spike network. When I was down in Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, I received a call from the show’s producer to tell me that I had been chosen as a human canvas. I had to take a few trips to New York City for meetings and a physical, and was soon clear to start filming.

I was totally stoked because I always wanted to be on television- not acting- just as a reality star. We all have our silly “dreams.” Anyway, I was a semi-finalist for the Real World Hollywood and while my interest in becoming a reality personality died down wildly as I got older, I was still happy about getting a chance to test out the waters. I went down to Newark [New Jersey] at the end of July to film for two days by my lonesome and had a wonderful time. The first day of shooting was wild. I got to meet producers, crew, and experience how elimination reality shows are put together. Oliver Peck and Chris Nuñez are people I have heard of for years, stemming back to the beginning of my interest in the art of tattooing; ,meeting them was too damn cool. The best part of the experience hands down, was meeting Dave Navarro. As a big Jane’s Addiction fan, I was in total awe of his entire presence. He was a really nice guy, we talked briefly about some of the recent shows I have seen him at, and he even complimented my other tattoos. Oh yeah, Mr. Navarro also said I was “one smokin’ girl.” And not that I’m vain in any sense of the word, because I am really not, but Clint- the artist who passed out the artist to their canvases said he couldn’t tattoo me because I was “too hot.” Woo! Score.

Myself and the other human canvases walked out on cue and did what the director’s told us, we had to be loud when we spoke and at times had to redo it for options. I was more nervous than I originally thought I would be- and since filming started at around 7 a.m., I was assuming cocktails were out of the question. My artist was MMA fighter, Mark Matthews, a seriously good-looking dude from outside of San Fransisco. We had a genuine conversation when the cameras weren’t in the room. I appreciated his openness and good nature.

The second day of filming was the actually tattoo process.The tattoo was overall approved by me, and took 6 complete hours to finish- without minor detailing due to time constraints. I did not take a break once. After the fourth hour, my calf began to burn and throb. I never sat for that long in a straight period of time- it was all so overwhelming, but I bit my tongue and let him finish.

In the end, Mark was in the bottom three for his lack of “texture,” an aspect of tattooing that just so happened to be what the challenge was for the group of artists that week. He did not go home, but still received a great deal of criticism for the zombie-lady, however, I like it! After venturing through social media outlets, my tattoo did receive a great deal of love and respect, as did Mark.

I had so much fun that the quality, praise (or lack thereof), and texture of my tattoo really don’t make a difference to me. It is a permanent souvenir of my first time on television, and one that I honestly do love. Hey, I am a zombie fan after all. I mean, look at that skull… it really is a good one. The itch I was scratching’ back in 2005 when I applied for the Real World is making its way to the surface again. Who knows what 2013 has in store after my 25 seconds on Ink Master ;)

Episode 205: Trick or Freak

sarah On The Go! takes LaLa Land

This is a brief account of my trip to Los Angeles last weekend. Some memories and moments for photos were beyond what I could produce for you guys. I knew I wanted to blog this trip, but I realized after standing under the Hollywood sign, overlooking LA, that pictures wouldn’t give you what you wanted anyway. You know how it goes. Sometimes memories are better left locked down in our minds.

Day one: Meetup at 2:30 a.m., drive to JFK airport in New York City. Next was to absolutely hate the plane ride with a passion because United Airlines is the worst when it comes to seat space, customer service and overall flying a plane (turbulence to the max). Once we landed, it was all about getting the rental, hotel room and plans in order. Night number one included bangin’ Mexican food at Mas Malo in Downtown Los Angeles. We were all a little jetlagged, but of course, lots of responsible drunkness ensued as we found ourselves in the Rainbow Room, a famous bar on Sunset Blvd. next to an equally famous Roxy.

Outside Mas Malo, Downtown LA

The second day we started with a yum, free continental breakfast the Best Western had and headed off to the American Horry Story house. The Emmy-winning FX television show is among my favorite of all time, and the set being on 1120 Westchester Place was only 20 minutes from our hotel. As uber fans, this was the coolest ish we did in a long friggen time. At night we got ready for Nobu, a fabulous (expensive as shit) Japanese restaurant in downtown Los Angeles that cost a bunch, but the creamy spice snow crab was well worth the $40 dollar price tag. Still water cost us $9 bucks… sparkling- $10. As excepted, none of us complained, we wanted to eat right- real, good.

One thing we had on the itinerary was Universal Studios. It only (sarcasm) took us an hour to park before we headed into the park which was totally redone as haunted everything. The main reason for our visit: The Walking Dead! They had a great haunted recreation of the show. We happened to stumble upon a woman who worked at the park and after seeing our confusion (there were so many people and attractions) she handed us a “front of the line pass.” We soon discovered that without it, the wait would have been 2 hours for a 10 minute walk-through. It was fantastic! Any Walking Dead fans out there in Hollywood or Orlando should check it out. We then took a studio tour by tram car where we got to see movie props like plane crashes and the Bates motel and house (Psycho).

Late night we got Carl’s Jr’s burgers, bought a case of beer and had a fantastic dressup party in our hotel room.

We saw the Hollywood Walk of Fame, ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, shopped in Beverly Hills on the famous Rodeo Drive but it just wasn’t us. I can’t go into shops whose pants are more than $50 bucks. I know, I’m cheap. I wanted to hit the coast, so we went over to Venice Beach and that’s where I fell in love with California hardcore. Not only was the weather perfect, but the beach was breathtaking. From down the boardwalk we could see the Santa Monica pier and all the beautiful scenery that sat behind it- the rolling hills. The landscape is so different than where I live, where it’s tree after tree, woods and no mountainous type of terrain that I can see at all. We walked the strip encountering many oddly wonderful people.

I bought alot of art, for myself and others. I even got a little peace sign tattoo. We ate lunch off the boardwalk at Nikki’s and it was perfect. There were no windows, Red Hot Chili Peppers were on some kind of playlist, and the restaurant was filled with young, vibrant adults. I just adore Venice.

Later on that evening we ate at Beso, Eva Longoria’s restaurant. The food was fantastic, as I had a filet, of course medium rare. The service not so much. I’m not too sure if it was because I had told our waiter we were tourists from Connecticut, but we are still good tippers nonetheless. Actually, with a menu where everything is totally and utterly expensive, he should be giving us the best service- he never came back to ask if we needed new drinks, or how our food was- we waited forever for the bill without new cocktails. Bummer.

Here are some more pictures (not really in order), and let me tell you I took about 500 of them, so this is just a slice. I can’t recall my whole vacation on this blog, there are no words for some of the experiences. There are also some moments on the trip when a photo just wouldn’t do. It’s all in my memory.

I Survived Comic Con: A Walking Dead Weekend

As an uber fan of the AMC drama, The Walking Dead, New York Comic Con was an absolute must. The convention was held at the Javits Center in Manhattan this past weekend, and while it lasted four days, I only went for one. I am not a comic book reader, but recently finished The Walking Dead graphic novels by Robert Kirkman. When I heard that the convention’s main draw was The Walking Dead, I had to be there- there was no other option.


In order to meet a portion of the cast on that Saturday afternoon, I convinced my best friend Sean to take 9:30 p.m. train to the city and camp out overnight. I was overly anxious that if I hadn’t lined up before midnight I would be out of the running. Only 50 tickets were given out. Well, we ended up being number 16 and 17 in line. We spent the night on the cement in 32 degrees, but it was a blast despite the elements.

In line we met alot of people, and of course, most were Walking Dead fans. Once we were in, the party started. We got our autographing ticket and walked around the showroom floor before our 2 p.m. signing. Comic Con is an experience everyone should try out once, especially if you are fan of video games, comics, and “nerdy” pop culture. Not only were there tens of thousands of people there, many were dressed up in crazy costumes; dressed as comic book characters to a T, and some just dressed to raise questions; I saw a girl dressed as a schoolgirl wearing a horse mask. So 2 p.m. comes. Sean and I are in line as the cast of Walking Dead, including creator Robert Kirkman and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, walk through the doors right in front of us. I was so nervous the only pictures I managed to get were blurry. Of course, like a total 14 year old fangirl I screamed, “I LOVE YOU NORMAN!” to Norman Reedus (Daryl), and he looked at me and told me he loved me, too. Here are some pictures I took of the signings!

3 a.m. …. Waiting

32 degrees!

7 a.m. Time to get our well deserved tickets!

Better than a fat stack of cash

My boo and I.. with our coveted passes

Line crew

Norman Reedus responding to my nerdy fangirl outburst (too excited to keep the camera still)

Robert Kirkman, writer and creator of The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus (Daryl)

He was all about taking a picture with me! :) Norman <3

Danai Gurira (Michonne)

Andrew Lincoln and myself (Rick Grimes)

Chandler Riggs (Carl)

David Morrissey and myself (The Governor)

What sucks it that I took these photos with my iPhone. I wasn’t sure that hauling my Nikon around all day would pay off, that the cast would even allow photos. I went out on a whim and asked them. Comic Con was the best weekend I’ve had in quite some time. I may be an uber fan, and a little obsessed for many to understand, but after NYCC, I realized that there are people just like me, which is a fucking relief.

PS: I dressed as Walker Sophia for the premiere on Sunday night!


Already framed

Color print of Michonne and her “Pets.” Signed by Tony Moore

Karma: Do You Really Reap What You Sow?

I was in class yesterday morning when I overheard two girls being typically catty about another female who supposedly did one of them so wrong it called for serious revenge… and not how many of us understand revenge to be.

Without falling out of my seat in the process of eavesdropping, I only picked up on certain things, so I do not know the whole story. What I do know is Girl A and Girl B discussed black magic like I was not sitting there obviously trying to listen. They had done it before. Now, do recall that totally awesome 90’s flick, “The Craft” with Neve Campbell and Fairuza Bulk. Snakes and curses and that room with the pentagram etched into the floor that is the ‘mark of the devil.’ If I could sell black magic on an advertisement it would read, “all you need is a strand of hair or drop of blood to get that bitch back!” However, these girls were not totally gothed out in all black and with Satan’s Bible peeking out from under our nutrition textbook.

Girl A and B looked totally normal by all standards of society. But what makes them not so normal is their discussion on how to get Girl X back by way of voodoo and hexes, after picking up appropriate spell-gear at a shop in an outlying town.


Class started and all I was left with were my thoughts.

I have to wonder. To what degree could karma be real? Between all of my vices and the mistakes I have made in my life, my moments of pure anger, shouldn’t I be neck deep in pig’s blood by now?

The only time I sat and wished bad upon someone I was in a car accident that same day. Car totaled.  That night I had my bridge collapse dream, in which a cloud-like apparition spoke to me as I was fighting for my life, telling me to start living right and not to wish bad upon people. I have yet to make anything of that whole situation. It could have merely been a freaky coincidence. I always thought that if a matter is weighing heavily on your mind you will dream it up. Could be, or maybe I am making excuses.

Since then, I have straightened out my thought processes, living as happy as my little life allows me and limiting my anger to matters in this world which deserve it; I never hate for the sheer fact of hating. Perhaps, being a good person is long learning process.

I guess, I am afraid of karma, It’s one of those things I think just floats around waiting to attack, or embrace us. If humans act good so they can receive good karma, to me, that is almost deserving of bad karma. It seems to be a lose-lose situation. So whether I am sitting in the middle of a lecture hall or in the privacy of my bedroom mapping out the fate of some hated ex-friend via voodoo, where does my karma come in? How is it determined?

Can it be that black magic works? So well so that Girl A and Girl B are relying on it for a second go around to deal with unfavorable people in unfavorable circumstances? Does karma apply to magic (if it exists)? If centuries of mankind practicing black magic says anything, it could be said that there is some truth in it. On a similar note, people have been following religion for centuries and there is no proof that exists either.

Who deals out the karma. Is it an entity in itself, or is it just the way the universe works?

I am the type of person who likes to explore things further after hearing something kooky and it sparks my interest. There is an itty bitty part of me that wants to go to one of these “spell stores” and simply take a peep around. Bad idea?

Generation seX

When World War II broke out for the United States following the Pearl Harbor attacks in 1941, it started a layering of the foundation that would build one of the most powerful countries on the globe. Young men joined the army as soon as the next day, some 15 or 16 years-old; they were sent overseas to take out one of the most dangerous military regimes in world history – the Nazis. Women began working for what would go down in American history as the biggest industrial boom ever, and at a time preceding the Great Depression, was an amazing feat, next to winning the war which resulted in a collapse of the reign of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. They are known as the “generation that saved the world.”

A young solider sits in trenches.  –   Photo courtesy of

In the 1960’s, the counterculture of American youth, a generation known as the “baby-boomers”, brought about a movement that would change the rights of women and the African-American community alike. Martin Luther King Jr. was an up and coming name in the Civil Rights Movement, whose work would become legendary in terms of human rights,  and over time would result in the unification of black and white people. The sixties saw the Cuban Missile Crisis, and a new war in Vietnam. The rise of drugs and sexual promiscuity shocked the prequelling decade of a largely post-war cookie-cutter-esque American population. The rise of rock and roll brought out a new type of American youth; a generation of baby-boomers who would shape the country’s pop culture for every single proceeding generation to this very day.

Vietnam War protests – Photo courtesy of

The 1970’s brought about an onslaught of technological advances with beginner models of the desktop computer. Soon after it was the cell phone, although most non-marketable, the concepts for advancement would soon come to fruition- changing everything.

A picture’s worth 1,000 words


Where did the America I never even knew go? Not one day goes by where I am not encountered with sex-related material. Now, when young people listen to music and want to rip their tops off, it is not to Elvis or the Beatles, it’s to rappers who degrade women to the filthiest level, and women in turn accept it. Television programs are on a completely different level than anything I could ever have imagined was played when my father was 10 years-old, let alone 25 years-old like I am now. We don’t need to go into television programming, it can stand alone here.

Sex rules.

Like totally!

Log on Facebook or look through your Twitter feed. Someone’s relationship is not working out and it probably has to do with another guy or girl getting in the way. Go to the mall and count how many girls hanging around the coffee shop under the presumable age of 16 years-old in shorts too short whose mothers actually let them out like that.

What is teaching my generation, Generation X, that the only way to please a man is to be good in bed, to look older than you are with 14 pounds of makeup and a fake cigarette habit? When does it stop? I mean the urge to do whatever it is you have to do to get money for a real Louis Vitton bag. Apparently there absolutely nothing sexier than a woman in designer clothes and pumps that suggest you have been on the pole once or twice- and would do it again for some buckaroos to buy a dress tight enough (and worthy enough) to snap a Facebook default picture in and set to “public.”

I am all for being open with your sexuality, but what that extra dose of sex say for our generation. What will be the legacy of Generation X?

The 2000’s arrived and we now have the War on Terror- which in my opinion is eerily reminiscent of the Vietnam War. On one hand you had the millions of young people protesting it (this part is missing from the War on Terror- at least I don’t see it!) It’s also a war that seemed to be mostly ignored and overlooked. I can’t name five people off the top of my head who give a damn about the upcoming elections. I hear relatively nothing about it on my college campus. We have immense technological advances but is that it? Where is the courageousness,  the innovative ways of life that young people took part in only 30 years ago? That tenacity for positive productiveness? What will we look back to when we are in our 50s, 60s, 70s? Will generations after “X” only get worse? By the looks of it, the answer is, undoubtedly, yes.

Autumn Across America

Ah yes, autumn is here as of Saturday. For my New England peeps, bring on the beautiful foliage and crisp air. This right here is a big deal for many of us– well, a deal to say the least.

The transition from the fun of summer is not easy for those who deal with the cold temps, snow, sleet and sliding around on icy roads just to get to that class that wasn’t canceled because your schools doesn’t give a damn about your well-being. Autumn is, for lack of a better term, gorgiful. I made it. Gorgeous-beautiful. Because it deserves that.

So in honor of the return of fall, I conjured up a list of activities that I make sure get done this time of year. Even if you are still basking in the hot Florida sun, I am pretty sure you can find some of these weekend mini-adventures somewhere.  I will do my best to keep you entertained with updates of said activities as they are completed.

1. Get your butt to a haunted… anything!

You do not have to be a kid to enjoy haunted hayrides, houses, or cornmazes. Pick a day two weeks from now and send out a mass text to all your friends. You would be surprised how fast they get that time free. This is the only time where high school punks in zombie costumes can scare the bejesus out of you without getting a good punch to the gut.

With this photo, I started the kissy duck face craze that swept the nation.

2. Go pumpkin picking.

It is autumn all over the country no matter how high those degrees be reachin’ in October. Find a family-owned farm in your area and spend a few hours totally focused on family or friends. I usually look through every last pumpkin with three in my hands (or the hands of my boyfriend) before making that totally life-changing decision. No lie, I am a pumpkin pro. At carving? Not so much.

My best friend Sean and I at an orchard last autumn

3. Salem Massachusetts.

This small town 30 minutes outside of Boston is loaded with history. Ever hear of the Salem Witch Trials? Of course you have! During this time of year the town really goes out of its way to put on the best show for its tourists. There are witch trial reenactments, museums, and guided candlelight tours that will ensure you get in all the education you can while having a fun time doing it. At this rate, I am a Salem historian. Take a break at one of the many restaurants (seafood, people, order the seafood!) that will serve you up the freshest Sam Adams Octoberfest you will ever drink aside from the brewery itself. Do look into making that weekend trip. (Ps: it’s totally kid-friendly).

Myself (brown coat) with friends in Salem last October

4. Bake

This time of the year is best for apple and pumpkin picking.  Even if you are not in the mood to go spend quality time in nature for 30 whole minutes to extend one arm and pluck gorgeous apples from their trees, at least get to a grocery store. Bake up a nice pie, and always, please for me, make your own pie crust. sarah On The Go pie crust tip of your lifetime: wet your hands (after washing them, of course) to spread the crust dough out on a flat surface- not in the pie dish. You can slide the dough around and smooth it like you did in high school ceramics making your first A+ ashtray. Once your lay it in the oven-safe dish, you can continue to patch up areas and mold it if your hands are wet!

The best tasting (and looking) apple pie I ever did make

5. Crafts

Whether you are taking a million photos of all the above mentioned activities and need a place to put them (ahem, scrapbooking), or making use of all those fresh-picked goodies, crafting is the answer! Try out an A.C. Moore or Joann Fabrics for anything and everything you need from sewing, knitting, scrap-booking, baking, handmade interior design projects and paint. I prefer painting and scrap-booking, but there is something for everyone. There is so much to be inspired by this time of year. Crafting is not for little old ladies only. Get to it!

A little creation by yours truly

Poetry from the Past

Circa 2008


*Risshun means spring in Japanese. Haiku is primarily based around seasons, and spring is my favorite <3

A Movie Changed My Day: Lost in Translation

Nine years later.

Lost in Translation came out in 2003, and I just saw this movie. Some flick fan I am!

We all get around to some of the bigger, more impactful movies at our own pace. I also completed the first two Godfather films this past month as a part of the”Watch every Oscar winner for Best Picture” challenge on my Life List.

Lost in Translation just so happened to be the one movie that bumped almost every other movie I loved out of their top spots. With the exception of American Beauty, the romantic drama/comedy (it really had it all), is now my second favorite movie of all time. Starring Bill Murray, a young Scarlett Johansson, and directed by Sofia Coppola, the movie pierced the sensitive spots inside of me like a bullet. 


There are so many themes in this movie. Love, loneliness and aging are just a few. The premise? Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is a super famous actor who is aging in a celebrity world where youth reigns. He is in Tokyo for business when he meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) a young woman whose own life is bogged down and serviced to the traveling needs of her new husband. More or less bound by the hotel, Charlotte runs into Bob in the hotel bar and continues to do so. Without acting fan on him, they develop a relationship that starts off sweet and friendly, with the exchange of witty jokes and half smirks that suggest understanding and comfort, although they know virtually nothing of each other.

Over the course of the movie, Bob starts to adapt to Charlotte; he enjoys human interaction for the first time in years. His wife, as he explains to Charlotte, is more concerned with material things (…oh, women), like the library’s new carpet color than any emotional context with her husband. His failing marriage and distance from his children is (assuming by what I gather from American society) draining the 20-plus-year marriage to the point of near divorce.

There is a scene when Charlotte invites Bob out to a club in Tokyo with some new friends she met during her stay. They sing karaoke, bar hop and feed off of each other’s (in the moment) happiness to a point that it could make the viewer cry. The extent of each of their true emptiness begins to feels so real. It is almost too much to watch. For once, the duo who have almost nothing in common are able to come together with the idea that they are both lost in the world; they are lost in Tokyo, dealing with an enormous culture barrier, but moreover, lost in their own lives. There is a subtly in the two character’s failing marriages. We know it is happening, but instead of dwelling on it- the movie lets us focus more on the developing relationships, built on this common ground.

The movie somewhat proves that no matter the location change, as far and wide as Tokyo, nothing cannot supplement severe loneliness like love can. If Lost in Translation showed me anything (fictional or not), it is that travel is only the first step in attempting to soul search. It takes more than just relocating. It takes going balls deep into a city; it takes meeting people and listening to yourself, adapting or not adapting to culture, in order to realize that maybe things home are not so bad, or perhaps, they are. 

There is an eeriness in this movie that is the idea that people, no matter the stature or stacked bank account, can be seriously unhappy. There is a hopefulness in this movie that gave me, and likely other viewers, the strength to hold on when everything around them seems wrong. There is enough depth in this movie to convince a soul-searcher that there is enough land in the world that has yet to be traveled and discovered, yet to be used as inspiration, with all the possibilities of one day finding yourself truly.

If you have not seen the movie, please, please, please, sit with some wine and take in its beauty and sadness. The story is unmatched, and I foresee it to be for years to come.


– “I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be.”
-“You’ll figure that out. The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.”

Groovin’ in the Catskills: The Last Music Festival of the Year

This past weekend my friend and I packed the car so completely full of camping and festival gear and drove to the Pennsylvania and New York border in a little over three hours.

Catskill Chill Music Festival was held in Hancock, NY, and is in its third year. Acts like Conspirator, Lettuce, Yonder Mountain String Band, and Soulive were on the bill, but it was more than the music for me. Every time I go to a festival it is reinvention of myself. I learn to love more, I learn to dance more, and I learn to appreciate nature, music and all types of people for who they are.

The weather was hot on the way up but the nights were cool and reminiscent of autumn. Having gone last year without appropriate clothes and blankets, the two of us knew this year to pack up. We brought a canvas and some acrylic paints and painting carefree strokes until we created a picture we thought was good enough to use as a reminder of our Catskill stay.

The experience– although I have had it before– was somewhat enlightening. There was no cell phone service, I couldn’t take a shower, I slept in a tent, and I stayed up all night to clear skies and crisp air that left me no choice but to think deeper than I have in a while. It was a much needed getaway, after the stresses of school and work came at me all at once late last month.

The fun is over and the summer is, too. I have months and months to plan our first music festival next year, Bonnaroo. Cheers to the changing seasons!

Hard Work Pays Off

The first issue of my university’s newspaper came out today, and as a person who gets excited over everything I am pumped up about this accomplishment.